Apr. 15th, 2017

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Ad previously written, I will attempt to get ch2 finished by midnight tomorrow.  Plus side is that some very important books turned up today - thank you, Amazon Prime!

But onto basic maths - I have to divide up the dissertation word count roughly as follows.

1,200 = Intro
2,700 = Ch x 3
0,500 = Conclusion
0,198 = Spare Words (just in case)

I need to shave off 159 words before I close ch2 - however, that might not be a difficult as I think.  I seem to have doubled up in a couple of areas i.e. said the same thing in a different way and on more than one occasion.  I will keep to the deadline as being 23:59 tomorrow night, so I can start fresh and well for the overhaul of ch 3.  Clicketty click.

Need to get rid of 107 now, but will leave it til tomorrow, as I have gone word blind.  I have also added Word Dumps to the end of each essay so I can either dump what I don't need at the bottom, moving them to another Dump Document, or put in reserved quotes from other essays, so I can mingle and blend from the the dump into the essay.

I have totted up that I have got about 9,550 words all in, but with a long way to go, which means getting a transcript of the intro, pasted onto a new document - boil it down to its key components, then use them as a checklist against everything I have written in the up-and-coming chapters.  Plus I have a 500 word Conclusion to write.  At this rate, I believe I might be on time instead of running perilously behind.  Then I will have to do a crash course in 'Nightmare Abbey' - a pain as there aren't any Audiobooks that cover it.

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