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Two weeks post my accident and I am feeling fairly ok.  I can just about make it downstairs without crutches and limp around the house unaided.  The swelling in my ankle has gone down a bit and the bruising is finally coming out.  Outside terrain is a bit dodgy, so I still need assistance, but on the whole, I think I am improving. The temperature has dropped and it is not so humid, though I have had to take a migraleive as I have a heavy duty sucker of a migraine that is trying to show up for the second day on the trot.  Think it's because the light reflected off of the clouds makes it very bright out there at the moment - brighter than if it was mere sunshine.

Instead of feeling crabby and sorry for myself, I am taking this as time off and recovery that I probably wouldn't have granted myself if I hadn't fallen A over T downstairs.  The cats are keeping me company and it is cool in the front room.  Nothing more to add for the moment - I can feel myself getting better and that is all that matters :-)
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The same can be said for students on English degree courses.  I am about day four into writing the satire essay and really want this done and dusted after the weekend, so I can write the other half of the dissertation. I know I have written upwards of 1,000 with another 1,500 to write. 

Love the bunny.  I have two fractious cats, one of which won't stop bringing wood mice in.  We have a relatively good success rate of catching them and keeping them alive, then depositing them later down in the bigger woods.  It doesn't help that WM's diet just happens to be sycamore seeds - of which we have plenty.

Onward :-)


I have written about 700 extra words and I think I am making headway.  Because I have gone both word blind and brain dead, I am calling it a night.
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For 'drink coffee,' read 'eat chocolate' and you have pretty much got me in a nutshell.

Today, I haven't done too badly, I managed to write up another 2,500 or so notes - another couple of hours and I should be half way.  Tomorrow will be full on, as in the evening, I will have to read something specific for the following days lecture on satire (right now, I am not sure what it is - the link is in an email somewhere).  Getting somewhere, need to make more progress.  Need a plank of Dairy Milk, but that is not forthcoming :-/

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