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I sincerely hope not, or I am screwed!

Well, I got the marks back on my first satire essay - 62%, which is just about in the zone, but I am crabby with myself, because the things I slipped up on is the fact I proofread on screen, rather than print it out and read it out loud/check it manually.  Plus there was a couple awkward turns of phrasing.  Anyway, it is a 2:1 score, will strive to do better next time.

Will attempt to finish things off over the next couple of days and yes, PROOFREAD offscreen, godsdamnit!  


I have done some substantial editing and have just pulled the intro/ch1/ch2/ch3/conclusion together.   I do know something - after yesterday's minor tank, I am a) absolutely petrified of f***ing up and b) fear that I have ruthlessly edited beyond hope.  The only thing I can so is print off the lot and reread manually.  I can't help think that I am wandering off topic here and when you have been with the project this long, you get word blindness.

Dejected.  The only thing that keeps me going is that others are in the exact same position.  I think the thing that surprised me is that so many just hope they don't get a 40% pass.  I would literally die if I did, to the point that a low 2:1 gets me.

* sigh *

I am sick to death of this.

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Right now, OP - I totally agree with you.

Once upon a time, back in the time when the final BA year was probably half a decade ago, a 2,500 word essay would take about six days to write and less than a couple of days to turn round.  Now it takes nigh on a damn fortnight and trying to find the magical ten resources has been challenging (a problem if you have used a fair few citations from one essay - not so bad if you are directly quoting from the resources they have used).

I am not the only one caught up in pondering and making an idea stretch into an essay.  When asking 'What are the targets of Swifts 'A Modest Proposal'? I answered 'the English colonization of Ireland.'  That's great - 5 words down, 2,495 to go, but at least I have stretched it to the full word count.  Unlike a fellow classmate, who on being asked 'Irony works in satire, do you agree?' answered 'Yes I do' but has only got as far as 1,200 to argue that point.

I am looking for a couple more quotes from books, then I will complete the biblio, proofread and hit send.  Then rest a while to ponder the rest of the dissertation and the last of the satire essays.
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After days spent wearily plodding at a desk, i took myself out for a short drive and a bit of a walk about.  It has actually made that transaction from not being quite so cold, to Spring being literally around the corner - and a very blessed sight it is.  You don't quite feel like skipping along  just yet, but definitely the step has become more * ahem * spring-gy.  Anyway, I am back at said desk, trying to untangle my argument before I add anything meaningful from other texts.

Found this on Facebook, which is a mosaic from Baobab Tree Mosaics - link HERE.  I think it's fabulous, like the Lindt Bunny made large :-)


Have rewritten the third draft and let me tell you, at about 20:00 this evening, I thought that the bloody lot had unraveled.  Nil desperandum - I pasted across piecemeal to another document and tweaked en route and viola! Possibly another essay finished, with minor adjustments, academic sprinkles, bibliography and proofreading.  Then it's onward to the final straight of my major dissertation.  The joy.

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I am pleased to say that I am a * lot * further down the line, my end of day count being 2,337, but from page 5-9 needs extensive rewriting (or at least, writing from another angle - long story, but it is important that I question the status quo and proffer a different light).

Tomorrow briefly, i will search for essays as the library at Plymouth has been devoid of actual Swift books - some one has denuded the lot and I am left with a couple that I managed to get on the hop from Amazon.  This is the penalty you pay for being a distance learner - the books are whipped before you get a look in :-/
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The same can be said for students on English degree courses.  I am about day four into writing the satire essay and really want this done and dusted after the weekend, so I can write the other half of the dissertation. I know I have written upwards of 1,000 with another 1,500 to write. 

Love the bunny.  I have two fractious cats, one of which won't stop bringing wood mice in.  We have a relatively good success rate of catching them and keeping them alive, then depositing them later down in the bigger woods.  It doesn't help that WM's diet just happens to be sycamore seeds - of which we have plenty.

Onward :-)


I have written about 700 extra words and I think I am making headway.  Because I have gone both word blind and brain dead, I am calling it a night.
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I'm not having a bad day, but I am prevaricating.  I would say I was far crabbier yesterday when family were out having a Crap Donald's burger - I personally don't like burgers, but really wanted to go out and see people.  Managed 600+ words yesterday, but as I have had family over and as it's just after half three in the afternoon, I have kinda lost momentum.  I wrote an additional 200 word planner on my Android about one this morning, but need to get on with it.

* meh *

All in all, not a bad day.  With extra notes added, blended and edited, I have managed to write about a quarter of it, with the detailed plan lodged underneath, with notes for links etc.  Time for me to sign off and watch rubbish TV
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Well, I have started my critique of Swift's 'A Modest proposal' and I have found that my brief encounter of Swift three years ago will really NOT help me.  Reading one's own work from thirty six months ago is quite an eye opener.  Not badly written as such, just not to the standard that I have today,  Plus all of the books/links etc. I had back then either do not correspond (dead links) or somehow do not marry up to the quotes (Ouch - thou shalt not proofread on the screen as by then you are word blind.  Print a copy off).  Some are also books that I cannot locate again as they were with Truro/Penwith College and are not available from Plymouth Uni.  Curses.  No short cuts here :-/

Anyway, he seems to be highly hacked off with the Anglo/Irish problem and I am trying to sift through as to whom he is most pissed off with and write about it. Just want this out of the way so I can get back to writing the second half of Diss chapter two, most of Diss chapter three, the conclusion - THEN overhaul the lot. Probably several times.  Great fun. 
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I have done only about 10% of this, mostly trying to set the scene for the Augustan period/Satire/Swift and then 'Vive le Revolution' with Romanticism/Blake et al.  A LOT of this had had to be sourced through the net, mostly via open network pages of the UK Unis; some via the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Trying to log in all on the Reference page is a bit of a nightmare (if I don't cross reference this at once, I will lose who quoted what/where/why very quickly).  Back to the grindstone :-/



I cannot tell a lie; I am ab-so-lute-ly bored rigid by this.  I bunked off and visited my sister and niece this afternoon, but I have been staring at the same 300 words for the past 2 hours and haven't made much headway. You see, I don't really care about Dryden, Swift et al. I am starting to not give a **** about Blake and I rather like him. Whereas I can identify with Shakespeare and Dickens (yes folks, you read it right), the building blocks in between have absolutely NO interest to me whatsoever.

Care cup ::: Empty.
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Plodding on - it is all going so S-L-O-W-L-Y. I have jettisoned poor old William Blake, but I will be revisiting him in the second year as I have to study the Romantics - so all is not lost.  I can make a vague reference as to how the age of satire paved the way etc. I have decided that I might have to fork out for a Kindle/Tablet after all, mostly because I can download some ebooks for free that would cost me via paperback.  I will still continue with paperback, especially since I learn better when I annotate.  Having pristine e-pages will be a help.

Finished with Pope (actually I quite like him - he attracted so many enemies because of his scathing wit, he had to walk his Great Dane dog armed with a couple of loaded pistols).  Onward with Swift...possibly.

Jonathan Swift was a wag, wasn't he? Suggesting that surplus children of the poor could be eaten, just to get a reaction - well, who would have thought of that?  Mind you, he is probably voicing what David Cameron and Boris Johnson have considered to aid quantitative easing (or at least reduce flooding - sorry, that was about 'gay' parents, wasn't it? Silly me). 813 words and counting.

1,015 - definitely a lot better than the past few days - I might even smuggle Blake in yet :-)
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I am on half term break and by that definition, I have to throw myself very unwillingly into the first of four assignments - the first being about the 18th century and the society, politics and religion of the day.  It is not a time that I am very au fait with.  Give me medieval and the Tudors and ALL of the Victorian period and I'm yer gal.  Give me Jacobian to the end of Hanover and I glass over.  Plus I have to compare Jonathan Swift's political satyr with William Blake's social commentary.  I have to use a diving bell to delve deep for this one.
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Another day, another assignment.  I have to pick a century and select two writers.  I like the Romantic poets, as they were a bit experimental and very 'rock 'n' roll'. Specifically, I want to try Taylor Coleridge's Kubla Khan and a William Blake poem if possible. I have emailed my lecturer to seek guidance as I am a bit shaky on some of this.  I think I need to get some reference books too, so I will be plundering the library someday soon

Have had an email from my lecturer, who has just pointed out how difficult it would be if I was to compare Kubla Khan to anything of Blake's.  Blake is a social commentator and Kubla Khan is just Samuel Taylor Coleridge whizzed off his tits on opium LMAO - good point (I was thinking about the 'biblical hallucinations' of Coleridge, versus 'the angels in trees' religious visions of Blake, but I think she is probably right - it is an essay too far).

These are my choices:

1) Proceed with Blake and change the assignment title slightly, i.e. 'what were the important aspects of Romantic Literature' as opposed to '17/18/19 century (pick one)'

Blake's London and Shelley's England (or indeed Wordsworth Composed upon Westminster Bridge).

2) Keep Blake in mind and compare him with Jonathan Swift's satire A Modest Proposal (which will keep everything neatly in the 18th century, as prescribed by the assignment title).


3) Keep Taylor Coleridge's Kubla Khan and compare it with Wordsworth's 'One Summers Evening' from The Prelude.


And at that point, my head exploded...


OK - I am going for option 2) - I actually liked the Swift satirical observations about life.  A bit like Blackadder without the trimmings.  It also overlaps from satire to social commentary (back to Blake again).

It has just occurred to me that I may need to get to the library sooner rather than later.  I am stuck without some lit history books and the ones I have here just won't cover it.  I am going back to my old almer mater tomorrow - I have too much to do today and I am kicking myself that I didn't plunder the vaults earlier.  This essay is gonna be late and will impact upon the other essays.  I have a horrible feeling that they will pile the work up during the hols.  This one will be emailed during the hols, two more are set for half term holiday - but I have a sneaking suspicion they will be dumping the Passage to India assignment on us too - which I don't like at all.

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