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Right now, I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm loving it, but it does sum up how the majority of the sessions have been.  Anyway, I have created my grid and am about to sit down for another grand read.  Hopefully, because I made a lot of superficial changes last time, the punctuation, spelling and grammar should be up to scratch.  There is a tad more bio that I have to write, see if there are any academic essays on JSTOR or PROJECT MUSE  that will say things better than I can (points mean prizes, folks!) plus I have gone some way to wring the conclusion.  So heads down on the starting block - GO!

The reread and alterations went fairly well.  Tomorrow, I will concentrate on the conclusion and start writing up the Biblio/References.  The following day, I will have one last look at other essays and see if I have to rescript putting Carter in the driving seat.  The way that this feels now, I might submit this at the end of the week instead of waiting til the following Tuesday. (because it's a bank holiday weekend and the library and intake will be short staffed, it makes better sense to do this rather than jostle for position on the day before - especially since I don't live round the corner).

Will have to concentrate on finding satire clips to discuss on 8th May and start my final ever essay on Nightmare Abbey (have skimmed through it at best and barely know what the questions are for now).
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