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Was tagged to this pic on Facebook this morning, from a dear friend who knows only too well the pressures of a student who is striving hard to get the marks.  I have eight days left and fell asleep last night with biro scrawled over my arms just like a typical teenager - mine was mental notes that I couldn't email at the time and was nowhere near either pen/paper nor my wipe board; arms bearing captions like 'bring Granny back' and 'restructure the title.'  Suffice to say that I made note of all this when I woke up and did my daily ablutions.  Right now, restructuring the middle of the essay as it is near 3,000 words long and I have edited one minor character out to write a more prominent character in.  Like I said, during my argument that has been structured around matriarchs, I almost lost Granny!  Perish the thought!  The conclusion will have to happen later.

I notice the student forum is alive and kicking with major dissertation fears, so I know I am not alone.  We are trading dissertation information about printing and availability of staff etc.  Won't be long before we are all crossing the finishing line :-)

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