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To [ profile] bluegerl - Lots of fun hurrahs and manic dancing - love Rosie xx
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For [ profile] spikesgirl58 - Hope you have a great day xx
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To [ profile] davesmusictank - Happy Birthday, mate :-) xxx
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To Our Beloved Friend - [ profile] bardcat
The happiest of birthdays, my friend.  Keep jiving on xxx

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Happy Birthday [ profile] bluegerl - fondest love Looloo - Rosie xxx
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Originally posted by [ profile] davesmusictank at Birthday Greetings for Pye
Happy birthday to [ profile] calico_pye. Hope you have a great day!
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Originally posted by [ profile] bluegerl at A very happy birthday wish to Calico Pye --- nice to be 21 (++) !


Darling girl, I know how you must love your words...

      I'm sending you these as a very special pressie.

                              With my love

10168032_803598343052570_8062825888712540537_n - Copie

Happy Happy day, and spend it wisely and VERY VERY WELL!

                  xxxxxxxxx Looloo xxxxxxxxx
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Originally posted by [ profile] spikesgirl58 at Happy Birthday, calico_pye

I hope your day is filled with laughter and love!
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For [ profile] egg_shell - hope you have a great day xxx
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For [ profile] j_flattermann - hope tou had a great day :-)
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To [ profile] bardcat - Many Happy Returns - with love xx

Desiterata )
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Myself and Prodigal 1 - 29 years ago. Happy 30th Birthday, Son :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Prodigal 2's 21st Birthday Today - Happy Birthday, Son - love Mumsy and the Old Man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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As previously posted, I went to a birthday party of a pair of 60 year old twins, whose family, friends and work colleges were present.  It was a nice affair, the twins were lovely - but somehow it all felt weird.  I was taking birthday presents to someone else's birthday, I didn't know anyone there, though Hubby did - it was like attending your own wake and that no one could see you.  Plus it was announced that it was mine and one others birthday and total strangers sang "Happy Birthday, dear *mumble...who?* Happy Birthday to you." I went scarlet, but somehow I found it more and more funny.  A memorable day.

We had massive holes in our planning schedule and forgot umpteen items such as coats (it rained in London...a LOT); a Jesus icon statue for my mother-in-law; proper bedding toothpaste and hairdryer.

Hubby: I forgot to pack some vests.....I packed a load of car light bulbs by mistake...

Me: ..... what? Why? How?

Hubby: I was on the way to the bathroom to pack the soap and I picked up the wrong bag.

Me: Well, this is getting surreal...

Hubby: I also got distracted and forgot to pack the soap too...

It was weird to say the least, but I found it funny. After locating the missing foot pump for the inflatable bed, we turned the large fan on - big mistake. even on mach 1, it was lifting the bedding.  I was holding on to the sheets with my fingers and toes to stop lift off, plus the east-facing bedroom gave us retina-scorching sun from about 4.30 every morning. Seriously, I felt I was witnessing the birth of the universe every morning.   The shower didn't work either.  The washer had gone in the tap-to-shower- faucet and I had to jam my hand under the tap so that I had water coming out of the shower head.

Thankfully, I am back home today and have got belated birthday cards and gifts etc. Spending time to recover after the supposed break away :-)

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