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This one is my favourite one, just reminds me of long walks in warm drizzle of autumn, down on our local estuary.  Smell of sweet wood fires, crunch of shale, birds calling.  Magic :-)
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For Looloo - [ profile] bluegerl and Fee [ profile] j_flattermann


Jul. 20th, 2016 02:35 am
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Torch )
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I am just an eighties brat :-))))
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I heard this in a dream last night...and suddenly I am thirteen again.  1981.  Gives me goosebumps.
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Jul. 1st, 2016 01:40 pm
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Thanks to Fee [ profile] j_flattermann and Looloo [ profile] bluegerl for their lovely virtual gifs.  Am having a relaxing day - next year is a big one, so I think that one will be a bit more manic :-)
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Managed to get into my statement of results and found that I have a provisional mark of 66% for the Auschwitz essay.  A very safe 2:1 for that, then - still not confirmed by my lecturer, as yet. A provisional yeeee haaaawwww.  I have to work out the stats as it leaves me 60 credits for the major dissertation and a final 20 credits for satire (beginning September 2016).  I need to find out what I need to get an overall very safe 2:1.
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The end of my time at the college circa 1984
Lyrics - Orchard Road )
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Once upon a time, way back, I went to Cornwall College and unfortunately (but not wholly unexpectedly), my course and its expectations unravelled for me.  Basically, it culminates in this building.  It didn't help that two years later, I more or less did the same thing.  Phase 1 & 2 - bang.  Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred quid.  I remember it looking like the grey, inhospitable building on the left, not the bright, funky celebration of education on the right.

I can't help but have conflicted feelings about this place, but I am hoping to face it head on, a year from now.  I will be back (hopefully with a newly-minted BA in the bag) to face this final demon, literally by taking an art/photograph leisure course.  Evening or day-release,  I want to make new memories - it doesn't change history, or obliterate the things that had happened, but it will resolve something. Perhaps having a portfolio of fresh photos (later scanned in black and white) will signify a time of healing.  Already, the FdA English Studies has changed the nature of my dreams of 9 Grimmauld Place and in reconnecting with it back in April, I achieved some closure, some recognition of the past...But...more IMPORTANTLY,  healing has taken place.  Because something has come full cycle and it is over 22 years ago since I left my old house.

It is 32 years ago that I left the college.  Not just a generation ago, but a generation and (nearly) a third.  Not now, my lovelies, but soon, soon...
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For all those Generation Xers - guess the year.
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So many train dreams these days, not surprising since I spend a good chunk of my life on them. If this is about motivation (please see Jung for details), then I am always between stops rather than actually arriving anywhere.  My fellow classmates finished their degree day before yesterday and, even if I feel a little crestfallen that I wasn't with them, I DO think I would have gone three shades of loopy if I hadn't gone part time.

Have taken to reading Ransom Rigg's Miss Peregrine's Home For Perculiar Children enroute and listening to Numan/Fenton collaboration From Inside (Original Sound track from film by John Burgin - From Inside).  I've been having a bit of a Gary Numan renaissance recently, as so has he.  Prone to depression and occasionally bouncing off of the walls, Numan has bouts of excellence, punctuated by conflicted feelings, it is the combo of Fenton and Numan's wife Gemma that keeps him going, no matter however much he complains about them.

(Fenton: Mate, you gotta get back on track and do what you do really well.

Numan (staring out of a window): ......I want a kitten....)

Anyway, have downloaded stacks more of his stuff and really liked The Fall.

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