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Should be studying, instead am doing arty things with my sister and niece then out to play on the beach and up on the hill - hahaha byeeeee :-D
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Have been trying to do some research work, but have been sidetracked into creating a web presence for an artist friend.  I have created a new Twitter account for him, plus looking into Wordpress etc.  Trying to make an electric hub and get his stuff noticed.  He works predominantly with wood and has had some fantastic reviews.

For thiose interested please see Alan S. Whitfield on Twitter and Etsy

Meanwhile, I am trying to understand the main principles of Freud and Jubg, which will be of maximum importance in application to the diss - plus, I am reading The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter en route.  Interesting beginning, alas I cannot comment on my findings as I will want to use them extensively in the diss.  Trying to settle down to read this is a task and a half - right, PC off, book out, time to restart.

Scrap Book

Apr. 6th, 2016 10:00 am
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A few years ago, before I had to have routine-but-life-changing surgery, I shredded all my journals from 1987 to 2012 - partly because it was case-sensitive, but mostly because there is nothing more excruciating for loved ones than to plough through personal diaries etc., if things somehow didn't pan out.  I found one journal that I had forgotten to shred, only to find that I had a few doodles in them.  Plus, as it had chronicalled a particularly difficult time for me, there had been poems written and words crafted.  I cut out what I needed and shredded the rest, which I may add, brought a certain amount of peace.  I have turned a bitter-sweet artefact into something I could live with.  I have started a scrap album, which will harvest doodles, poems, cards from friends and anything else left over that I want to keep.  It feels better this way.  I have seen some journal art and it has given me some ideas - hopefully I will be able to construct a book of fragments, that will eventually become a creative whole.

I know they are not particularly attractive, but it will improve with other random things I will collect and add to the mix.  There are the odd photos that I have taken, specifically patterns caused by shadows or brickwork etc; things I have worked on (there is a flyer somewhere that I constructed from a Banksy image - got a good mark for it, too); scraps of magazines, materials and so on.  I have a feeling that Pinterest will be my friend for a while - many interesting ideas.

Bjork - Heirloom )
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Over the summer, I lost my Mojo.  To start with, I wasn't sure if I had left it at the submissions desk of the Fal Building, or down the pub on results day. As my research imput has tumbled to zero, I went to seek quiet counsel with a dear friend.  I then found the Mojo, which had been buried under a mountain of Student Finance paperwork and had become wedged down the 'Sofa of Eternal Boredom.'  How far can one stretch a metaphor? Until it squeaks, it appears.

Picture is unrelated - I am just trying to catch a Zen moment. The artist's link is HERE
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I am subscribed to 'A Different Art' on Facebook and I just love these beautiful ornate gates.  Unfortunately, the information for the original photographers and the places where the gates came from are missing from the website - so it is difficult to give credit.  However, I cherry-picked the ones I liked and have posted it here.  The link to the 'A Different Art' is below.
More Gates to Be Found )
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 photo 12781_zpsee149a34.jpg

 photo 12780_zps4df69f70.jpg

 photo 12782_zpseb408224.jpg

Richard Wright continues his work with York Glaziers Trust – Britain’s oldest stained glass conservation studio, who have a special connection to the medieval windows at York Minster. For this project he has made four leaded glass skylights in the ceiling at Aird’s Lane. Utilising the four rectangular skylights, Wright’s new work incorporates handmade, blown glass and leading, following a complex design developed by the artist. In response to the horizontal structure of the skylights, Wright has adapted the technique initially employed in his recent commission for Tate Britain’s eastern windows, in the Milbank foyer.’ (via The Modern Institute)

 photo 12788_zps61ec199e.jpg

 photo 12779_zps1bb252ef.jpg

Just really love this - I am fascinated with shadows and reflections, especially distorted ones.  This is beautiful :-)

Originally posted by [ profile] swtsttn at Richard Wright

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Cookie jars previously owned by Andy Warhol

The Barbican is to host the first major exhibition in the UK of the personal collections of post-war and contemporary artists.

Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector will feature personal effects from artists including Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol and Sir Peter Blake. The items range from Hirst's skulls, taxidermy and medical models to Andy Warhol's cookie jars.It will run at the Barbican Art Gallery from 12 February to 25 May 2015. The exhibition looks at how artists throughout history have acquired collections for personal and artistic reasons. Andy Warhol, for example, stopped by antique and junk shops daily to look for items.

Many of the objects he collected served as source material for his famous silkscreen prints.

Another artist's collection beneath the cut )

Original Story - - Accessed 18/09/14

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I subscribe to the websites Earthporm and Educate Inspire Change. I have seen thses images for months now, but are worth posting on here.  Above is a stunning statue of a nude woman, entitled Expansion by Paige Bradley - currently residing in New York.  Beneath the cut there are other beautiful images and at the bottom of this entry,  I have included the webpage from the Educate Inspire Change site.

Some of the Statues )

Link -------------------------------------->
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Bryan Lewis Saunders - Morphine

I appreciate that this story has been Facebooked many times, but the artist Bryan Lewis Saunders has been highlighted in the news recently, for his potentially deadly experiment - creating artwork under the influence of drugs.  It began over twelve years ago and was conducted in quick succession, sometimes a different drug on concurring days. It is said that he suffered mild brain damage as a result, but is still experimenting over a decade later - using longer time lapses.  Some would argue that who in their right mind would do such a dangerous thing (in my experience, artists aren't the norm, hence their ability to be able to create their art); some would say that it is an interesting experiment and shows how drugs alters perceptions in differing degrees.  Some think it is contrived, a cop-out - with a fair amount of justification.  Since when has the humble cough medicine made anyone trippy?

I am curious, because my only brush with drugs has been when a wisdom tooth operation went badly wrong (will spare you the description).  After a concoction of codeine and diclofenac would not stop the agony, I had to be nuked with morphine - a weird drug.  Things went very mushy, very spacey and I wasn't allowed out in the traffic, or indeed out of anyone's site for a week.  When the severe bruising and soft tissue damage had receded, I had to be weened off of it and let me tell you, it was seriously horrible stuff.  I was then put on Tegretol - a drug commonly used for the treatment of epilepsy, but also was effective in the treatment of nerve pain associated with trigeminal neuralgia. One of the side effects were that it also dampened down any sensations such as joy and generally made life absolutely cheerless - eventually, I decided that until I had a corrective operation, I would stick to the codeine, thanks.

Below, there are a few more of Lewis-Saunders' artwork.  I seriously worry about the absinthe one - obviously didn't make the heart grow fonder (I know, bad joke).  The PCP one is very troubling, because it gives a sense of the total absence of the artist at all - a barely-functioning shell.  Disclaimer - do not try this at home as it is very, very dangerous - I would like to say now that I am not advocating drug use, but I am interested in the result.

Bryan Lewis Saunders )

Full story with more pix ----------------------------->
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Left Lily Cole, Fiona Banner - Sky Art's 1 Art Matters. Source -

I have been following the Lily Cole series Art Matters on Sky Arts 1.  The Anthony Gormley one was interesting as was the Tacita Dean one (the latter was a former student at Falmouth Art college) - I even understood how she thought of herself as an artist rather than a photographer, as her film is closer to paintings than actual celluloid.  The Fiona Banner one confused me somewhat.

Lily Cole / Fiona Banner )

I feel more unnerved reading Banner's  'written portraits' than I ever would just seeing a nude painting or sculpture and possibly more uncomfortable hearing the subject read out Banner's observations of her.  It could be argued that the work simply isn't my taste, or as one critic put it 'just conceptual bullshit.' I am not that worried about the fact that I don't 'get' the 'ISBN as Art,' nor 'The Nam' novels either, but I want to challenge why the poster board written word makes me uncomfortable, where a regular nude wouldn't.  Is it because of the intimate space in my mind, rather than the visual concept before me?

I don't really think of myself as unusually repressed and usually I am able to think out of the box.  So - help me here. Why am I not getting this concept of art and why does this also make me feel that I am way out of my comfort zone?


Aug. 26th, 2014 09:07 am
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About a month ago, the passion flower outside my porch began to grow inside the window.  I was going to snip it back, then decided to let it grow - with the full intention that, come September it will be pruned within an inch of its life.  It has flourished beautifully this year, both inside and outside the property.  Today, one of the bigger flowers came out in boom. I just love the way that the fronds have secured themselves around the available objects in my porch - below is an owl pendant of my mother's which is too flamboyant to wear, but looks really pretty hung up.  The stem has grown and latched itself around many things and looks how you would imagine the beginnings of an enchanted forest to be.
Owl Pendant )
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These caused quite a stir when installed a few years back.  Estimated to cost £30,000 to make, these bronze dog statues were cast out of old miner's boots and the references made by the locals ranged from 'Mildly amusing' to 'grotesque...a waste of tax payers money.'  I think they are rather endearing and I am sure the furor has died down somewhat now.

Dogs Close Up )
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These drawings are the artwork of Victor Nunes, a retired art director from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He incorporates food and household items into his artwork, using anything from popcorn to pencil shavings.  Described as quirky and as light-hearted, Nunes has definitely used incidental objects to his benefit and displays an incredibly vivid imagination. I just love the inventiveness of it all.

Under the cut, there are more examples of his cartoon artwork - I especially love the 'walnut' piece as the shape aptly portrays faces, wings and even chicken on a spit.

Victor Nunes Faces )

Link ---------->

With thanks to the Facebook page Sun Gazing, who highlighted the artist yesterday morning - Link --------->
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Dietmar Voorwold arranges rocks and leaves into beautiful geometric land art. From his homepage, the artist comments that, "Art is an expression of harmony and the right resonance. Art is healing for the soul.  Nature acts [as] the immediate canvas for visual art.  Nature [...] surprises us with its beauty, variety and unpredictability."

More Under Cut )

Link ------------------------------->

Tree Art

Jul. 30th, 2014 11:58 am
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Earthporm has come up with some more wonderful photos where the 'natural' world overcomes the 'unnatural' world. Trees will find a way to survive - I have seen plenty of photos of trees barely hanging on, but somehow making it through.  I love these photos below, because of the shape of the roots following the tessellating patterns of the pavement.

Stunning - mother nature at its best.


More Trees Following the Line )

According to Earthporm's web site, "An extremely large tree doesn’t only hog concrete–it can also hog water. A big tree can consume 100 gallons of water out of the ground a day. To justify this excessive water intake, the same tree supplies enough oxygen to support up to 4 people."

Full webpage ---------------------------------->

(If anyone could tell me how to post a link under a heading that would lead them to the page, I would be grateful - I try to insert the link, but there isn't the facility to post under a heading.  Thank you) 
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The Great Hare by Mary Catherine Newcomb.  Fifteen foot long, built out of turf and wire armature.

Full page --------------------------->

Great Hare by Mary Catherine Newcomb
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I am subscribed to a website called Earthporm, which is an immensely positive site full of colour and beautiful images around the world.  Today they posted some photos of these most amazing staircases from around the world.  All I can think of is "God bless those with innate creativity, the rebels who think out of the box."  Most of these are collaborative works from local communities, artists and artisans alike.  I just think that the human soul is wonderful - enjoy! :-)

       San Francisco, California

Several more under cut - image heavy )

For more beautiful images ------------------------------>
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Displaying Untitled-1.jpg

This is one of my Uncle Ronnie's paintings, who is enjoying success late in life with his watercolour paintings of the sea and countryside. His paintings are on display at Dorset Visual Arts and is well worth a look.

Website ------------------------>
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Just love it :-)

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