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Ignore the sardonic lyrics - I play this every year when my results are in.

Transactional Writing - 70% (pleased with this one, might have been let down slightly by the travel piece).

What is Theory? - 70% (now that pleasantly surprises me; I presume I did better on the Jane Eyre rewrite and I must've aced Brave New World).

Creative Writing - 72% (very pleased).

Sense of Place - 72% (both Passage to India and Nineteen Eighty-Four went well).

Identity and Nationhoood - 70% (really surprised at this one, the John Harris/Arthur Caddick  was ok, but I really thought I had trashed the last IN3. It was about literature/political purpose and I went waaaay out on a limb for this one, using media and modern-day satire, citing the TV satire and even the use of Huffpost and the irreverence of Newsthump.  Whereas I think the examiner wanted evidence in literature history.  Paid off though - I argued the toss about progression, might not gamble quiet that high in the future).

Introduction to Literature - 67% (Goddammit, must have fell back on Donne and his extended metaphors or maybe the parallels between Wordsworth and T.S Eliot was 'a bridge too far').

Credits Achieved at this stage - 120
Overall aggregate mark - 70.17%

Therefore, my measly 10% have managed to scrape a first for the first year !!! Wooohooooooooooooooo!!!!

*does a happy dance*

Onward to the FdA English Studies Year 2 :-DDDDD
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Now I have finished all rough drafts, I am going back over the marked copies and am editing it to produce the final work.  Right now, I have revisited the Sense of Place essays (of which SP1 was only a tester - hence the posting of To The Shore the other day); basically1984 and A Passage to India (the former was about changing the tiniest of errors; the latter is just a little addition and a certain amount of restructuring).  I think the bulk of it is done, just rehash a bit - I think most of my concentration will be centered towards the |Transaction Writing/Creative Writing and the running commentaries.

I have also managed to write up my observation re my Post Colonial PP back in October and my vocational piece about Mary Bryant and James Boswell. Six essays to go before I tackle my Transactional/Creative Writing portfolio.  Getting this sorted faster than I expected. I think a couple might go over into a first, but will be very happy with some hitting the upper second :-)

I have just taken a look round my office - it is an absolute tip, but I daren't clear it.  In the confusion of it all, I don't want to throw something critical away :-/
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Rough draft: Speech = 60%; Sense of Place A Passage to India (3,000 word - almost mini dissertation) = 63% !!! At rough draft!!! Woooo Hoooo!! Downside - yeah, I can't WAIT to turn those suckers around o_O. In anycase, the major headache is out of the way, three left - then it's pedal to the metal and do the resubmission.

Another good day - I must count my blessings and hope they all stick together somehow :-D
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Done - I have completed the essay assignment at 3,120 and I will review it tomorrow.  As this is a rough draft, I will commit my thoughts to the research difficulties on my submission, with view to change things in the final essay. I am taking the rest of the day off and will look into TH3 when I see people on Wednesday.  Right now, I need air, good food and conversation where someone else talks and I just nod. Oh and I need to be nice to the cat, because I have scolded and rejected him once too often (usually involving walking over important piles of paper).

It wasn't to be - my little wind up car suddenly started complaining, then screaming and steaming in equal measure. Had to pull into a layby on the bypass and ring for help. Thankfully, Hubby and Prodigal 1 turned up and managed to get it home. Radiator leak - lucky that the bloody thing didn't terminally go bang. This, on top of the bug - Prodigal 2 has suggested that I am cursed. Maybe I am just unfortunate :-(
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Really not well again, this bug brings you down, lets you recover then comes back around for another try. I have broken through the 3,000 pain barrier (absolute maximum should be 3,300) and I am about 80% done i.e. need to rewrite/ look for academic essays to quote from. Drinking herb tea, because anything with milk in it tastes like cheese and makes me cough more.  I need to have an extension on a couple of things, so I will be getting a sick note on Tuesday if possible.  The weather outside has turned cold and rainy and actually all I want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep.

3,085 - will expand on some, pare back on others.  Can't get on Lit Online as it won't let me in and The English Review has a Shibboleth error (internal internet forum problem).  So much for sprinkles, they will have to be added at a later date.
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I am coming to grips with the last 33.3% of the essay, without lapsing into a Lindt Bunny coma (unsurprisingly, chocolate does absolutely nothing for catarrh, I am coughing more than ever). Last night, I was looking at the essay plan and couldn't help think that it was such a tangle of politics, religion, culture etc.  Also, I am not sure just how relevant my own point of view is in this.  In psychology, you are not allowed to make personal observations until you are studying a doctorate.  You are allowed SOME imput in English - will have to confirm with lecturer when redrafting.

I have reached 2,746 and have come to the bitter breakdown between the Anglos and the Indians and Aziz's triumph in court (whether indeed it can be called that as he shouldn't've been there in the first place.  I am hoping that I don't have to have verbal imput in this essay - I am more than aware that the politics are difficult, it is a product of its time etc but I still feel like it was a massive wrong and that Fielding let Aziz down.

2, 985 - I have done probably over 80% of what I need to do before I edit and rework, then look for pithy quotes from Blackwells and The English Review or maybe Rivkin/Ryan or the Post Colonial reader than I had to do a PP on in October. Tomorrow will be about sorting out the last three large points, then start signposting back to the original question of Forster's Portrayal of India.  I could be done by Monday - then it will be on to TH3 - Reading a text through two perspectives 1,000 – 2,000 words.  Woohoo (but let's get through tomorrow first).

Something that has put the fear of God in me ::: I am shocked to find that I have got six weeks left on Monday.  Six tiny weeks - didn't seem that long ago that it was 12 weeks and counting.  Time flew by when I wasn't watching :-/
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I do feel better than at least 2/3rds of the work is done but I have a long trek ahead.  I am not resentful that I have to sit through the Easter holiday to do this - Hubby has to work and both Prodigal 1 & 2 are working in the holiday trade, this year at the same place.  It is just me and Classic FM for company, which is fine.  However, i do feel so very lethargic - I've been told to take the weekend off, but how can I with work stacked up? I would be less relaxed if I was vegetating on the settee with the assignment mountain growing in the office.

There is some cohesion at long last - as I am beginning to yank my pre-typed phrases to support my arguments, out of my Word Dump that exisists at the end of all my work (literally, I type something mid thought stream or something I have read and dump it at the end of the text, with view to use later on).

2,463 - I am done for now.  Had to take a break to organise delivery of Roux's bookshelf.  She gave me her Liquorice Allsorts tea caddy, which was nice.  I'll have to renew my passport now she's moving to Tenerife - a lovely excuse to visit.
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Chest infection not getting any better and left ear is now blocked, so am off to the quacks later.  I have just had enough of this, not one to need sick notes but am changing that.  I am six days behind schedule and I have a LOT to catch up on.  A fellow student has advised me to get extenuating circumstance form from lecturer. I don't like doing this, I feel like it's a cop out as if I am that good, then flu shouldn't derail me.  Alas, it has.  Anyway, I left my work at 2,046 and I need to get back to it, but not before I get some antibiotics down my neck.

Still such a long way to go - 2,221 but a substantial amount of rewriting has been done to make it stick together better.  Apparently, the nurse who saw me said that some of the strains of this bug had hung around for six weeks, moving from the head to the chest, then back up into the nose - rinse/repeat.  I have looked at my essay and I would say that the first half is written well now, but the latter half is one giant word dump.

2,385 words, but I think I am further in than I originally thought.  I think I will have to have a lock-in til Monday, if I am to realistically hack through this.  A better day, but a long, long weekend ahead.
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Well, I'm back to the coalface again - though I am still coughing like an 80-a-day lag and bunged up to the hilt.  Thankfully managed to resuscitate the essay, all 1,320 words of it.  Need to be more driven than I am at the moment.  It is bothering me that there are still three other essays to write between now and May, then the grand turn around of essays between May 1st and June 2nd.  I am seriously worried about this.  Just trying to think of it as Level 4: Access Course with bells on top :-/

15:03 know when you are not so well, yet you have typed more than you usually do? That somehow, it all makes sense and you can pat yourself on the back for being equally prolific and proficient.  I have just looked at last Friday's writing.  All I can say is - Good Lord o_O.  I have had a few ' say what?? ' moments - in some areas, I understand the gist, but absolutely NONE of the syntax and visa-versa.  What was I on about - or ON even? I remember now - Corvonia and Lemsip. I have 1,458 words, but I really need to edit before I go on.

Have taken a break, mostly to get some echinacea and lip salve from the market. Lips are cracked and I feel like I have been punched in the face. 1,658 words.  Not sure how I am going to pull this round, to be honest.  I have to signpost it back to the original title and pepper observations as Forster's own, plus read around the subject a bit more.

22: 46
I have managed 2,046, I think I have to change the way I plan essays.  I read the book with the idea that I would be using key phrases, so I had the presence of mind to log them - but I think I could have done with typing them out first of all, so the essay would fit better.  I had a good plan which has worked, but it needs an awful amount of meshing to make any sense.

It is difficult to talk of cultural differences, unless you get inside the mind of a different race and how can you walk in a mile in the shoes of that person?  Plus also sometimes I totally get why the subtext gets confused on both sides and Forster goes to great pains to show it via his text, but there is something more tangible I am trying to grasp here.  A feeling that mere words cannot express.  I can see the tailcoats of it, but words do not come to mind.  It is a sensory thing of which my emotional body can understand, but of which my intellect has problems. It is paradoxically the simplicity and the complexities of it and my word-finding faculties have gone to the wall. 
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Have officially got a really bad head cold - eyes feel like boiled eggs, nose is red and about three times the size. I feel like something small and furry has died in my throat and I am graveling the road with my larynx.

Lemsip..... * gahhh *

Nevertheless, I have to soldier on as yesterdays scare of my PC locking me away from my coursework (now rectified, thank god) left me absolutely no time to do anything. The registry key msvcr80.dll disappeared just over six weeks ago and because this machine has had a history of quirkiness, I haven't dared download anything to sort it out.  I think one of the the last iTunes uploader sessions was to blame.


Right, where was I? Oh yes, A Passage to India - 811 words as of Wednesday.  Need to get on with it.

Over 1,100 - which is pretty good for someone with a runny nose and sore throat. I am hoping that my family can bring me back some Lockets so I can breathe again.

Have got the chills, so went to bed an hour ago - managed 1,300 words, which has been more than when I have been alive and kicking. Am listening to Radio 4xtra in the dark, with two hotwater bottles. Hope to kick this bug in the butt very soon :|
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Right now, I am pouring over the features of Forster's India and how the people live.  I have to be so careful what I write here, because I start to feel inspired whilst writing the log - then worry about using it in the essay (everything I write in the essay is scanned and if my LJ turns up, I have to explain myself - then have the embarrassment of citing myself.  Right now, I can do without that).  550 words so far - go me.

Not overly pleased, as I have had continual interruptions and veer from plodding with a vague plan, to looking at the screen with a giant blankness.  Tomorrow will be broken up a bit too - i am just concerned this this is starting to slip a bit and I really need to get back on track. For some reason, I came across an Aphex Twin vid and now I am thoroughly disturbed - good old Youtube, now scarred for life LOL :-)

I was hoping to have this done by Sunday night, but I am way off schedule as I have things to do and promises to keep.  I have done 800 words so far and I am glad re the research I did and the notes I made, but I have to keep showing how sociology/psychology/philosophy are sandwich between the Topology/Climate and continual Culture clashes. Difficult - plus I will have to ask Hubby to take up the slack when it comes to work/family issues.  I am sick and tired of the phone ringing all day.
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Including A Passage to India, I have four assignments to do between now and the end of April. Sounds straight forward enough, but I have a tone of research to do - even at this stage.  My main problem, is that I cannot double up and use the same texts. Therefore, I cannot compare Monica Ali's Brick Lane with A Passage to India, or reuse Orwell's 1984 again; not can I compare Ibsen's A Doll's House (20th c) with Jane Eyre (19th c).  However, I can slot Ibsen in with my other final draft assignment of Jane Eyre in TH2 and I can reuse some of these text in next years sitting.

Anyway, back to the present.

SP3 - Discuss E.M. Forster's portrayal of India in A Passage to India (2,000 - 3,000 words).
I have started this and I am sure that my musings will be logged on here as per usual.

IL3 - Using one example of each, contrast the writing of the 19th and 20th centuries (1,000 - 2,000).
I will probably have to speed read Brick Lane and see if there is an 19 c equivalent or rethink a few things.

TH3 - Reading a text from two perspectives (1,000 - 2,000).
Maybe Brick Lane here instead - or not.  Have to read a few things ASAP

IN3 - Can literature have a political purpose? (1,000).
LOL - just thinking of my A Very Hungry Caterpillar opposition speech from last week.  Would love to get that in somehow, but probably can't.

All of this is to be at least 3/4 done before May as next month is about turning every one of these suckers round. In total 12 full essays plus Transactional Writing - 4/5 pieces with revised commentaries for port folio; Creative Writing 4/5 pieces with revised commentaries for port folio.
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I am thoroughly pleased that we are exploring the ideas of Utopia and Dystopia in class (I hope this isn't to the detriment of the Goth genre proposal).  Inevitably, we were shown the work of Tudor courtier Thomas More - Utopia

Info on Thomas More's Utopia )

Invariably, we have looked at my favourite works - Under cut for photo size

George Orwell's 1984 )

Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, )

Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale )
I have always been fascinated with Utopia/Dystopia ever since I watched Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner as a child.  Many, many sci fi/fantasies are built on Uto/Dysto societies and it does explore the dark side of what people do when they have power over others on a massive scale. Lord of the Flies/Rings are prime examples as well as Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series. If I have a chance to do this as part of a dissertation, I will be cock-a-hoop.
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I have finished annotating A Passage to India and now I am reading back through some of the notes.
Spoiler )
I am about to watch the film again - to remind myself how it translates on the small screen.  It is has amazing descriptions and has close observations of the inter racial tensions of the colonised territories, so it will be interesting to see how it is portrayed (I have only watched up to their arrival at the Marabar Caves).

The film was good - I expected judicial editing, but not for whole chunks to be retold in a totally different way (i.e. just NOT canon).  A bit Disney-fied, but it gives an insight into how the place and the feeling was back then.  I cannot start on the essay until after tomorrow as there is a Year 3 progression day and I need to be there.
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I have had a marathon reading/annotation session of A Passage to India and I have only a 100 pages left.  When I first read it, I found it rather heavy going, but in taking my time the second time around all I could think was ::: what an exquisite writer E.M. Forster was!!  The descriptions of the towns, the characters and the all invading heat, cupped by skies of sultry sunsets and moonlit mystery. I cannot endorse this book enough and it does show how the cultures struggled so much.

Many people feel that the west becoming involved with the east was a good idea as it brought a different culture and united people with a single language.  Both Indians and English profited they would argue - until at least 50 years ago; now the whole world has a different perspective.  The west has mixed feelings about it now, some will even argue the toss over how it was a good thing, maybe as a defense of their looting ancestors.  We freed the crap out of you etc.  Personally, before last year my social history was at best sketchy.  But after studying Achebe's Things Fall Apart (insider), my own post colonial studies power point and Forster's A Passage to India (outsider), it is not to feel not only empathy to indigenous populations, but to truly feeling scathing about the colonials, who stole their land. Righteous for me, only - but more justified for them as they had to endure it.

I know ::: too simplified, when I am a bit more au fait with my literature theories, I may reconsider.  Right now, I will have to read the court scene on Saturday - it's back to college tomorrow :-)
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Technically, this was during half term break, but I had some catching up to do.  I have four days off, so before I have to write the mini epic, I should probably re-read the book.  I read A Passage to India a few months ago - I must admit I skim read the trial and was patchy on the ending.  Just read enough to get the gist, so it's time that I went back and had a closer text analysis.  Today is perfect as it is a grey day, Hubby is working and P2 is in Truro.

I am also going to read Monica Ali's Brick Lane as it is on the reading list.  I know that there is a 'Read a Text, using TWO Theories' coming up - I really don't want to do Jane Eyre A-GAIN (or at least - so soon), especially when I am hoping to revisit that book next year for Psychoanalytical Theory.  Plus::: today is D-Day - dyeing using henna (a messy and unforgiving mix, but with a beautiful outcome), so I need to stay in....trying to convince myself NOT to make a bolt for the door...

Disturbing thought - 11 weeks before EVERYTHING gets handed in.  Sounds like a long time, but there are at least 6 assignments to do and then basically, I will be AWOL for the whole of May redrafting the finals.  Hand in - Monday June 2nd.  Sheeeeeet.

OK - I am going to have to wipe-board my thoughts soon.  People/Places/Politics, Religion/Culture/Class & Caste. What unites/divides them.  Symbols. Mannerisms/voice patterning. Assumptions re customs and morals/values. Trust Versus Mistrust.

Misconception - that there is one true India.
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I have to finish this today as I have to move on the the Othello/newspaper article soon.  I have managed to shave off a meagre 200 words this morning and I am about only half done.  I will have to do the rest then mesh as I have never meshed before.  I need a crash course in Microsoft Publisher, which I will look at in our free break tomorrow morning. 2,717 down to 2,433. 284 in fact. It's times like this when you realised you have doubled up somewhere along the line, or have glaring omissions.  My main concern is that it doesn't matter how often I rearrange the paragraphs, the problems still remain.

I am down to 2,096 words and I am worried now that I have confused the issue somewhere along the line. I am scratching my head as I have to get across what it is exactly I am getting at.  Yes the poor living conditions are caused by the economic cutbacks of the party, but also I am trying to convey how the people are kept to this level by the environment AND the brainwashing.  No description fits in this essay and I feel that it has the same monster proportions as I found with Wuthering Heights this time last year.

LOL: I just looked at my entry for this time last year and it was all about having three versions of WH on the go and wishing it would snow so I didn't have to go in!! HA!! Somethings never change.

I'm down to 1,999. 350 left if I am going for 1,500 plus 10%. Let's get to it :-)

I am sticking to 1,650 - I have 95 words to shave off.

It is done - well, it wasn't JUST about shaving off words, it was also about rewriting to lose those words. 1,650 done and dusted for now :-)
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It is back to the Cornish Januarys of old: gun-metal skies, face-flattening wind and horizontal rain.  I am tied back to the desk again, so I can soldier on with the equally grim 1984.  I know that one of my classmates has done his on an extract from The Beach; another is doing the houses of Wuthering Heights. Nice cross-section, I will be interested as to what the others picked. Not for the first time, I have wondered why I have chosen such a depressing book - it was meant to be cathartic. it is a book that GCSE students have used, for goodness sake. What could possibly go wrong?

It is when you have to take a look at text with an academic approach that suddenly you realise it is not as straightforward as one might imagine.  It is the phonic sounds of the words that make the landscape so sombre and uncompromising.  Anyway, keep right on to the end of the road...

It is official - I am a thousand words over at still not at the finishing post.  Damn this 'Sense of Place' assignment (or words to that affect.  I am using a lot of fricatives at the moment!!)

The essay has been written, now comes the hard bit - right now the word count stands at 2,717 and I have got to submit 1,500 words, the outside maximum of 1,650.  Not cutting it in half exactly, but I will have to pare it back by at least 1,067 words.  Seriously. Dear Lord. I found it hard to keep it under 3,000...

Will edit when tomorrow comes (<----why is my life dominated by Eurythmics tracks at the moment?)
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I shouldn't complain, I know - but unsurprisingly, I am finding 1984 a drag.  I have been on this a week, but realistically  it has been split time in between finishing the creative writing homework and attending college (there was also an evening out that I couldn't get out of - enjoyable as it was, it took me straight off track).  Just as Wuthering Heights before it, this is in another nemesis - another beast to slay.  It is looking a LOT better than it was,but I have a lot of judicial editing, which will include sentence rearranging and a lot of paragraph meshing to do.

I have set myself the deadline of midnight tomorrow - in actual fact I really want to be done way before that.  I am also having a peek at Microsoft Publisher for my newspaper report.  I will have to get to grips with that pretty soon and I have a feeling a trip to see the tecky-minded boys from two floors up won't come amiss.

Things are slightly better.  I am down to understanding what I have to say about the lexis area of the essay - of which Oceania has its own - Newspeak.  Also, it won't be long before I will be commenting on word classification (verb/noun etc.) and seeing what effect it has on the essay.  I will then sum up the overall effect (frickn grim and bleak springs to mind) and my reader response (now thoroughly depressed).  This hydra head is going on and on (I actually do think of this degree as being one great big Lernaean Hydra and the golden sword at the end is the final scroll), but I think I am at least 3/4s done.  Yay to me :-)

I was mistaken in my assumptions that I am 3/4 through. I haven't even touched the phonological sides yet (alliterations, plosives, fricatives et al), nor the figurative language (similies and metaphors etc.), nor the cacophonic language (there is sure as hell no euphonic language, I can tell you!!).  I have made the notes on it for now i.e. the lines and where they are in the text for tomorrow. I am at least 700 words over, if not more and as I have said, I am not done yet.

*sigh* tomorrow is another day :-/
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And I want You So, It's An Obsession )
Eurythmics seem to be featuring heavily in my life at the moment - ironic bearing in mind my dream entry just now.  Think it's because I am writing the 1984 essay - or at least trying to.  I must admit it is looking a LOT better than a few days back.  Today is the last day I can write it before the deadline.  If I can't finish, the deadline is email by Sunday.

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