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Managed to get into my statement of results and found that I have a provisional mark of 66% for the Auschwitz essay.  A very safe 2:1 for that, then - still not confirmed by my lecturer, as yet. A provisional yeeee haaaawwww.  I have to work out the stats as it leaves me 60 credits for the major dissertation and a final 20 credits for satire (beginning September 2016).  I need to find out what I need to get an overall very safe 2:1.
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I had seriously considered uploading my stuff today (24 hrs before deadline), but decided that I wanted shot of it asap.  Just as well that I did - found out from crazed fellow students that moodle has crashed and no one can access emails or upload their work.  People are freaking out as it seems no one can raise the IT guys to get it sorted out.  Have messaged one of the lecturers hoping for a reply.

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(Picture unrelated - just loved the daisies growing out of the wall)
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Final day because even if the deadline is midday Friday, I really don't think that I want to spend too much more time on this.  The process is just horrendous, lots of footage and personal accounts.  I am moaning about dreadful nightmares, yet I have only just read about it - I haven't personally experienced or seen the buildings today.  Fellow colleagues now want to see the place.  I couldn't stomach it, coward that I am.  I just want to write a good essay and stand up for those who suffered in it, regardless of nationality.

Genocide - an ugly word and it still happens all over the world today.

Have 140 words to lose - have paced the office and at last minute, my eyes spy an Art Spiegleman book.  Is it possible to smuggle Maus in there somehow, or should I perish the thought? Is that a flash of brilliance, or a step of stupidity too far? It would not trivialise the work....hmm

The bloody assignment is finally done - thank God!  Itching to upload it now, but should really do it tomorrow so I can proof read it with fresh eyes (not that I haven't read it over at least 10 times).

EDIT:::Uploaded - couldn't wait to get shot of it.
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What more can I say, other than I am going to be hacking about the essay until it makes sense?  Sense of doom prevails - I have been having holocaust nightmares, not helped by watching X-Files: The Blessing Way last night.  Just....not a good time.  Word count so far 3,132.  Hackitty hack.

A writer's desk is not a pretty sight - 2 text books on social psychology, 2 supporting books and a kindle book all to hand.  Plus evidence that I am working hard with stacked paper and my essay on view.  This will be the final draft and it is now a vastly different essay than how I started it this morning. Still a little way to go, but I have been emailed by my lecturer, who informs us that the limit is 3,000 to the absolute max.

Well, that's a relief.

Fellow student (EP) has found it very tough going too.  it is such a painful book, especially when you have to read and reread the same stuff and delve into other accounts to support the evidence.  I am done for tonight.  Tomorrow will be the grand edit (and the shedding of 316 words)and proof reading sesh.  I will let it rest, then submit on Thursday evening.
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More of the same and I am in effective lockdown.  I have to shave off 1,000 words before adding sprinkles - I maybe gone for some time :-(

After lengthy rewriting and editing, I have brought the word count down from 3,375 to 3,296 - a whopping 79 words.  Coming away from the computer to have a late dinner :-/

TBH, I can't concentrate anymore.  Think I need to do a bit of reading and see if I can subtract some of the 'all-but-the-kitchen-sink' stuff that I deem to have in it.
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3,135 words.  80% of draft nearly done - just needs to sort out PL's representation of freedom or how he tries to access his former life of scientist.   The story is wearing on me - it is not just one but several accounts of the camp via additional material from viable sources and I have to use all forms of information to validate this work.  My saving grace is that I have only got four days left on this project and I will be done.

3,375 - second draft finished.  I will not start on the third draft til tomorrow, I will need to plan out the order of play - there are places where I think things need to be switched around a bit, plus judicial reading of the textx books x 2, accounts x 2 and maybe throw some websites it.  Whether I like it or not, it is effective 'lock down' until either 23:59 Thursday or 11:59 on Friday morning.  So much to do between now and then.
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Still appraising this essay.  The suject is harrowing and the problem is, I can identify with some of it.  A subject I am not prepared t discuss on here, suffice to say that I can recognise a lot of the coping mechanisms that evolve in times of abuse.  The only thing I can do is knuckle down and finish it, say goodbye to a challenging academic year.  Do the research this summer re the dissertation, start it in September, do the satire module from February to May then the whole lot is done.

I remember now why I have such tummy problems. It's down to being tied to a desk with few breaks and the wrong food being shoved in at regular intervals. 2,850 and I am only about 75% the way through the second draft.  Today, I entertained my niece for a few hours, tomorrow my granddaughter Aimee will be here.  Then I will have to finish and seriously rewrite massive chunks (I already have 500 words hacked out, which are residing in a 'word dump' document that I created, just in case I need to paste something else back in); plus fold some academic sprinkles into the mix.

My intestines have knotted and have threatened to jump up through my stomach if I don't stop abusing my digestive system.  I am far too old to be living like a sugar-driven student hack, shoving packets of custard creams and gallons of coffee down my gullet (no I didn't either, but my system is not thappy guzzling mint tea, Nakd bars and pasta either).

I have ten gallon feet too :-(
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More of the same - trying to knuckle down and get this assignment more essay-shaped.

I have made some good progress, but I am aware that during this draft, I am possibly only about half way through.  Still trying to constitue what is deemed as physical vs psychological and will have to pencil in that in many areas, the two overlap. 2,030 words and I am done for tonight.
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Trying to separate the two indicators of imprisonment are bloody nigh on imposible, but as every lecturer is a pendantic, nitpicking ****, I have to come up with clear boudaries and NOT GO OFF TOPIC.  Currently digging through sociology and psychology books to add weight to any argument is not easy, either and at least 3 books are crammed with yellow Post It notes.
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Karl Bodek and Kurt Conrad Löw, One Spring (1941) (Credit: Credit: Yad Vashem Art Museum, Jerusalem)
Karl Bodek & Kurt Conrad Lowe - One Spring (Art from the Holocaust)

1,506 words - first rough draft, but there is a lot of padding to go around it.  Much to be done over the next few days, plus additional reading and sprinkles and such. I feel better as I believe I am about 50% the way there - max word count is 2,500 and I plan to use every tiny word to make this sing.

Right now, I am going to have an early night - note to self, remember to display the resourcefulnes of the characters.

Most displeased to find that the highest that any student can score at degree level is 80%.  This is not localised to Plymouth Uni; it is symptomatic over the entire country. How is this possible? Now, I am no way a genius, but what happens if you were - still only 80%? Because you cannot possibly be writing to MA or PhD standard - even if you are?

Either you have done a pukka job or not.

* shakes head in disbelief *
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Getting a little more into the swing of this now.  Will not post word count as I have written bundles of stuff spread over 4 documents. Am cracking on with it as P2 is coming back home tonight and this will be on top of other distractions I have had come my way.

1,105 - even though I have broken the 1,000 count, I have 1,500 to do.  IRL, I am only about 20-30% the way through the first draft.  I do feel like I have made process, but now have to pack things up and wait for Baby Bear's return.

Prodigal 2 has texted to say he is on the Scillonean, but to my crowing delight, the manager who had a row with P2 last week, has himself been sacked.  Maybe word got around re his treatment of P2, but all I can say is ........ BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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If only it were that simple, but I am trying to marry my notes and quotes together, to see if they will form the start of a coherent essay.  More to follow...
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Well, today I was meant to do work today, but have been somewhat preoccupied.  All have been resolved with varying degrees of good news.

1) My sister has had her gall bladder operation - has just woken up and bar being punctured with four entry wounds, seems to be ok.

To start with, her op was overdue in any case. There were a couple of scary events that preceeded this, but she/we are relieved that it's now over and done with.

2) Prodigal 2 is coming home on Friday, but might be home tomorrow if management had its way.

This is a double-edged sword.  It DOES appear that because of the new time/wage regs that a lot of holiday industries think it is perfectly fine to expect their young staff to work split shifts in a 70 hour week.  No names, no pack drill - but it is becoming increasingly frequent over the UK, even if it does break the work and regulations law.  But...also P2 has always had a problem with authority figures and be a bit of a klutz in the kitchen (shades of his mother, alas - it has to be said).  So it maybe six of one etc.. Naturally, I am coming down on the side of my son, but will be doing a little motherly digging to get the full truth when he comes home.

3) I have got 64% for my War Database assignment - wooohooo! Welcome back to the hallowed ground of 2:1s, calico_pye!!!

I nearly had heart failure actually - I read the initial report and it said 36%!! Then I read more closely - to find that 36% of my essay was used up as quotes (which falls within their criteria).  I read everything else which was considered very good.  I whooped for joy - sometimes, it can be a fricken' mystery as to exactly what Lucy Loo (War lecturer's pet name) actually wants.  I have to steam ahead and get similar for the final 2,500 words this current essay. as long as it is a 2:1, I really don't care!!
Today was the day that my year finally handed in their major dissertation. One was shaking like a leaf and in her position, I can understand why - what an amazing journey they have had.  This time next year, I will be in that position and somehow in the next twelve months, I will have to become an Angela Carter expert.
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Well, it begins - 237 words so far and most of that is essay plan and the first paragraph.  It will be about the portrayal of physical/physical imprisonment and how the former impacts upon the latter.  Right now, I am concentrating on his stats and the social psychology of imprisonment.  Still no sign of the Cadaverland book, which is most irritating.

Final essay of the unit and I have confirmed the Project in Critical Writing (Major Dissertation) and the last three-piece module next February - Laughing Matters: the Importance of Satire.  One day I will find this all sartorially amusing.....meanwhile, back to the grindstone.

700 + words, but I think at least 200 will be scrapped.  Is the way of the word and I will resume tomorrow :-/
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I have just finished annotating the book and I am staggered by the depth of it.  I have read many war accounts throughout the course and I think this book tops the lot.  I am in deep awe and respect - I feel almost anxious about writing the essay, because I feel that somehow I don't want to let their memories down. Onward tomorrow - still waiting for Cadaverland by Michael Dorland

If you ever, EVER have any doubts about the holocaust, or would like to read it - the pdf is HERE
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I have managed up til page 62 and have been distracted by learning to make rag rugs.  This is the test piece and now I will move on to bigger and hopefully better things - but not until the Levi assignment has been done.

Back to Levi - interesting how he writes as a scientist would, providing stats and pared back observations which enable the reader to believe the account without hesitation.  Right now, Levi is in the hospital for treatment re his foot.  Will read some more before I go to bed.

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Assignment Title - Consider the representation of imprisonment, physical and psychological, in Primo Levi's If This is A Man.

I have got to about page 50 out of 200 and already I can see how Levi is sparing and factual about his account of Auschwitz. You can tell how the men are worn down from day one - depicting man's inhumanity to man.  I would wax more lyrically, but I will leave this for my essay (I don't want to be done for self plaigiarism - which, up until I started the FdA, I hadn't realise that you can be guilty of precisely that).  It is a good book and I can see a framework for analysis building already.  Awaiting for my other books to be delivered, but mostly I must stay offline and extensively read.

My sister and I were engaged in conversation about how a framework for English was never truly explained to her.  I have written how the framework was explained to me.  For anyone who is interested, the framework is under the cut.


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Well, I have settled down and read/annotated the material around the Levi book, plus notes from the PP that I missed. I have ordered books on the social psychology of war; one is particularly disturbing, the aptly-named Cadaverland. They are several key behaviours in such situations and it is quite horrifying how preconceived ideas of supposed civilisation are quickly unmasked and how humans descend to the inhumane level.

This is going to be a fun assignment - the brutalities of war :-/

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Book selected: Primo Levi - If This Is A Man. I had considered writing about All Quiet on the Western Front and Mary Borden's The Forbidden Zone, but as the Levi book is literally about survival in Auschwitz and the physical and psychological imprisonment of war, I think I will both read and annotate from scratch and consider which angle to complete this task when I am done.

So - will be AWOL for a while, so I can grasp the deeper understanding of both book and it's writer.
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alice in wonderland crazy tim burton mad hatter the mad hatter

Spent most of the day on this and still haven't adequately abridged this.  It doesn't help that I lost interest in this several days ago and launched into an epic sulk tirade as to how exactly my current school of learning DOES NOT COMMUNICATE WITH IT'S STUDENTS!!!! (Plymouth Uni, I hope your ears are burning you)  So, on I plod. Feet are freezing, exchanges are terse. It is NOT a good incentive to be so late with your mark, then give you a shit ton of pointers JUST as you are about to submit - PU, this is extremely bad form.

Well, it's done - let's hope for a better mark this time (in saying that, I won't hold my breath).  Officially, I have been sitting in one position for so long, I have a bad case of coat hanger neck and ox bow back.  My stomach acid could eat through lino and I don't think many members of the family are talking to me right at this moment.  Time to make peace and a cup of tea :-)

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