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Well, tonight was FdA English Studies Graduation Day. Sad that most of the class didn't show up. Josh was there, ironic because we were the hard-working plodders of the course. Good to see several others that I recognise from other courses, including Jack R, whose class I supported when he was 6 years old. Had a drink with main lecturer, which was nice.

Calico done got herself an ejamacation :-DDD

Selfie )
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13) Do you have a hero/someone you look up to? If so, who?

Not heroes, but fellow English afficionados, yes. I have been really lucky with my lecturers. My main lecturer is a right fire cracker and would make a cardboard box interesting. I like how she challenges us - she really gets the best out of her students.

There is another brilliant lecturer at Plymouth, who is swamped by students wanting to attend her lectures - hugely inspirational.  There is also a student who recently got his first, who read my first draft Brave New World document for TH2.  He advised me on several points and I was blown away by his intellect.
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Fal Building - photo Geograph

Ever been to Cornwall? Would you like to study an English degree by the sea? Then Truro and Penwith College may be the place for you.

Full English Degree Information Link
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Ignore the sardonic lyrics - I play this every year when my results are in.

Transactional Writing - 70% (pleased with this one, might have been let down slightly by the travel piece).

What is Theory? - 70% (now that pleasantly surprises me; I presume I did better on the Jane Eyre rewrite and I must've aced Brave New World).

Creative Writing - 72% (very pleased).

Sense of Place - 72% (both Passage to India and Nineteen Eighty-Four went well).

Identity and Nationhoood - 70% (really surprised at this one, the John Harris/Arthur Caddick  was ok, but I really thought I had trashed the last IN3. It was about literature/political purpose and I went waaaay out on a limb for this one, using media and modern-day satire, citing the TV satire and even the use of Huffpost and the irreverence of Newsthump.  Whereas I think the examiner wanted evidence in literature history.  Paid off though - I argued the toss about progression, might not gamble quiet that high in the future).

Introduction to Literature - 67% (Goddammit, must have fell back on Donne and his extended metaphors or maybe the parallels between Wordsworth and T.S Eliot was 'a bridge too far').

Credits Achieved at this stage - 120
Overall aggregate mark - 70.17%

Therefore, my measly 10% have managed to scrape a first for the first year !!! Wooohooooooooooooooo!!!!

*does a happy dance*

Onward to the FdA English Studies Year 2 :-DDDDD
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Terrible night's sleep.  Nervous of today's results.  Going up to college to collect them between 2 - 4. Some second years who have completed the FdA English Studies, are now pretty emotional. Some are moving onto BA Media; others to BA English (top up - only 1 year needed).  No doubt, I will be in the same position this time next year.

Fingers crossed - I'm going in.
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I have not had word  back from my lecturer, so I am posting on various forums and checking with classmates the status quo with the word count.  Right now, I think I am going to have to bunce up certain pieces of work - basically if they want 6 pieces of work with the minimum 2,000 for the entire writing portfolio, excluding reflective commentary, then I am going to have to add-lib on a couple of pieces,  Above, is the video I used as creative input for the Asylum piece.  I know have to get back into the mood of it by listening and watching.  Thanks to [ profile] dark_fetus whose work is mesmerising.

Panic over - as before, 6 pieces of work comprised of 2 prose, 4 poems word count only a guideline.  Commentary 1,500-2,000 words. OK, I have stopped hyperventilating now - poor Jackie (main lecturer) - she phoned me from the hairdressers to sort this out. Wilco then print and rid myself of this bloody portfolio.

Once, I had this little printer that would just chug out monochrome printing.  Perfect for essays and the like.  Then suddenly the manufacturers stopped making the cartridges and we made do with supplementary ones.  Now THEY can't be found and I am stuck with this crappy EPSOM printer that has the ink span of a gnat. I am sorting out a LOT of work and we only stuck the black cartridge in a few days ago.  I've now run out with a LOT to print, especially a news headline for Othello which is a standard tabloid red  Gahhhhhh !!!!!!

I have finished all of the written redrafting for all of the work. Then I have to check for the following:

  1. Header and page number.

  2. Take out underlines and make sure copy prints monochrome.

  3. Check that all the references are in place.

  4. Feed into separate folio folders for each subject.

  5. Print all cover sheets off of Moodle.

The other last thing I have to do and I am going to have to take all Sunday doing it, is drawing seagulls for my children's book.  I am fresh out of ideas for cartoons, but I will have a try (not so bad at 2D animation, just that it is all a bit last minute).  Feel very relieved but will more so when I have a) drawn the pix b) done da stock control.
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The next three days are portfolio days.  Even though I have done the bulk of the work, I do not feel the least inclined to do anything.  I suppose it is because I am on the last leg of it, I can smell the fresh air of freedom and I resent being stuck in the bloody box of an office, sacrificing my sanity at the high alter of education.  Well, that's my martyrdom out of the way.  I will have to get my cup of tea and sit my a** down and smack this beauty into touch.  Start with creative writing, I think - I have a running commentary that is only half done.

Also - it was today two years ago I was offered the chance of being on a degree course.  The conversation just blew me away and I am very grateful to Vanessa for guiding me in this direction.  I am but a third of the way through my degree now, but at the half way point in my four year educational plan.  What a climb it has been.  Let's hope the summit will be worth it :-)

This is taking far longer than I expected, because I have to do a mini autopsy on each.  I cannot paste what I have written as it will be in breach of my degree, I may in due course paste other stuff.  One of the questions = how did you develop your work? Answer ::: I can't bloody remember,  I uploaded my stuff to the forum months ago!!  Most of it was done during wet weekends in February - to me it is a lifetime ago.  I have a feeling that every bloody day will count as I have tons more to do than expected.

To quote Kasabian - 'Ahh, oh come on/We've got our backs to the wall'

Despite constant interruptions (God, I love my family, wouldn't do without them - bar NOW), I am now back on track - however, I have been reading the criteria for my C/W portfolio.  It says they want 2,000 - 3,000 words.  I had the presence of mind to add up the stuff selected, only to find that it doesn't even reach 1,000.  It's a crap time to find this out.  I have got two stories that would bunce up the words, but I would have to add commentaries to them as well.  Mega stress.  It's the weekend and less than 72 hours before the chop.  Have messaged my lecturer, but she is unlikely to get back to me until 8 hours before absolute deadline.  For now, I will have to write up the last part of my original bunch and if I hear nothing, submit the extra two.

Not happy.  Might have to put this on hold and carry on with the Transactional Writing tomorrow, with hope that she will get my message.
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Last essay.  Lots of scrawl through it.  I am sticking to adjustments this time, rather than total rewrites.  Haven't got the time and if the moderating board want more concise work, they will have to whistle Dixie, even to my own detriment. This is the political IN3, I have possibly made the mistake of going all 'modern day' but I believe that satire has to be relevant to the happenings of the moment.

My main lecturer is actually pretty cool about this; because I have cited Spitting Image, I have to find a link that I want to use on Youtube.  Great - I don't need an excuse for something to laugh at. Chose the video above, also more under cut  - love it :-)

Have I Got New For You - May 2014 )

It's been a bit of a hit and miss day, but I have finished IN3, but need to shave off 90 or so words.  Not easy as it is such a short essay.

Feel a LOT better, but I am resigned to the fact that the last two essays probably won't score as high, but they will have a reasonable pass (I hope).  I have just sorted the Creative Writing Portfolio/Transactional Writing Portfolio to be ready for the next few days, where I will have to write a commentary on subsequent work for the former and tweak the best four for the latter.  Bit worried, because I have misplaced my Year 1 yearbook and I need to suss the criteria then tweak the lot.  Such fun...

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I am trying to add some added comparisons to this TH2 Monster. I have used Charlotte Perkins Gilman - The Yellow Wallpaper and Henrik Ibsen - A Doll's House, but only in passing as I have just Too Much To Right About, Not Enough Space and I have to Pare Back As It is.  Right now, I can truly identify with Perkin Gilman's character going slowly mental because she is confined to barracks. Also I have had to fight off migraine, great, so I am avoiding chocolate and coffee today  :-/

Charlotte Perkins Gilman - The Yellow Wallpaper ------->

Henrik Ibsen - A Doll's House ----------------------------------->

Alas, if I don't get this sorted by midday Thursday, I will kick it to the kerb.  It is meant to be a Gothic novel and right up my street, but I don't warm to the characters, nor am a keen feminist.  Just not into it.

I have come to the conclusion that I will never get this right, so I am just going to pare back on the words.  I have to lose 177 words (bringing the essay down to 2,200 - or 2,000 with 10% margin) and just resubmit, knowing that at my present level of education, I cannot significantly turn this around without starting from scratch and even then, I do not have the guarantee that I can do it.  My mistake was not annotating the text in the first place, plus not having an interest in either subject does hamper one.  So, mission ::: lose the wordage.  I am not going to burn myself out on an assignment that I cannot significantly turn round in time - over and out.

It is done.  Tomorrow is the sticky political essay IN3 (which I didn't totally cock up, but will need a rethink).
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Currently trying to understand my essay planner from yesterday. I am glad to say I am not the only one floundering with only days to go.  I am reliably informed that a second year (who so kindly helped me yesterday when it came to sorting out my essay) had to do this mid mini dissertation just recently and 5,000 words is a lot to turn round.  I also heard that one of my former Access class mates is trying to write about the evolutionary theory of sleep and asked if I wanted to swap.

LOL - funnily enough, I had the old A Level Psychology about from my Brave New World/Psychoanalytical theory a few days back. Smart ass here quoted chapter and verse.  I should drop the book over to him, but haven't got the time. Right now it's back to the drawing board with 6 days to go.

Oh and it would've been my father's 71st birthday today - happy birthday Dad xxx

This essay is a mess - not a disaster but carnage has been wrought. I am in an anarchistic mood today so Beastie Boys 'Sabotage' is under the cut

Beastie Boys - Sabotage )

Goddamn it - I've written myself into a cul-de-sac AGAIN!! Hatehatehate this theory and this book. What is Theory? It's a bucket of suck!!!!

Some progress made. I think Rochester is a nightmare, an over-grown baby whose propensity for righteous denial is only matched by the fact that he can't keep it in his pants.  Bah! I'm off to read Wild Sargasso Sea.

EDIT::: Well, I have tidied up a bit, but I am 500 words over and the restructuring has only helped a bit.  I am hoping to look at this with fresher eyes tomorrow. The tension in this house is at record levels - Hubby was saying that even if we are there for each other and we know what the other is going through, it doesn't help that we are going through our own crap at the same time.  No rows, no sulking, just one stomps off to the garden and the other goes to the supermarket.

Not good - alas, unavoidable.

Also, a close friend called to say that my former family home had a kitchen fire earlier on this evening.  It is truly horrible watching the fire brigade going in and out of my mother's old house. Everyone is ok though, that's the main thing.
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Bank Holiday Monday and it has been lashing down all day.  My car has not moved all week, because the hoses have split again and I cannot see the mechanic til Thursday.  This always seems to happen when I have a particularly shitty piece of work to do.  Right now it is just as well that I don't have transport, because I would make a bolt for the door and possibly not come back.  Hubby is in a similar position - he is revising for his exam due 8 days after my final submit.  He has ground to a halt because nothing read has sunk in today.

I am looking at TH2 Jane Eyre/Feminist Theory and the essay is awash with the main lecturer's scrawling.  It's a mess and I am in despair - it stands at 59% and I really want to shove it over 65%.  Would be really happy with an upper second, if possible.  Lit Theory is NOT for the faint-hearted.  I have printed off the OWL Purdue checklist re Fem Theory and have stuck it to the side of the computer. Right now, nothing is sticking for me either. Am going to add main lecturer's notes to the new essay and somehow find a way through.

When you have a partner who is in the same boat, it does reap some rewards.  You both know how the other is feeling, both climbing the wall, both supportive etc.  What DOESN'T work is if one (me) is trying to soldier away and the other (he) is wandering aimlessly around, wanting to chat because they are bored.  Being the loving Wifey that I am, I have dragged him into the 21st century and suggests he listens to podcasts from the accredited site.  As I am the only one with speakers, we had a miniature growly face-off, where he suggested frisking the PC for MY set.  No sunshine, that's NOT how it works.  I have now sent him out to get a new set of speakers with an still-in-date Argos card. Hopefully it will do the job :-)

Cross-eyed and reading Gilbert and Gubar.  There is a thin line between high brow and turgid - I am sorry Bronte aficionados, I am not a fan.

I managed to replan my assignment by printing off the rough draft and seeing parallels that I hadn't seen before.  Feeling much better and am off to watch V for Vendetta.  Not that I am interested in Dystopia at all :-DDDDD
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I have a serious case of cabin fever right now, mostly because it is the bank holiday, it's raining and I am holed up.  I am going to do the easiest essay redraft as I really don't want to face TH2 (Jane Eyre/Feminist Theory) and instead I am doing the one that I have already got 65% on.  Plus, I need to proofread TH3 and I am not in the mood right now.

Shall I tell you what I really want to do? See the outside world.  Go to the beach (just not in the rain), read something where I don't have to look for layered meanings.  Visit friends, actually leave the county and see somewhere different.  I want to write something that I might enjoy.  For instance, I saw a picture (above) years ago - back then it didn't have an affect on me.  I then had a dream where the picture featured and it triggered such emotion in me. I can't fathom why.  Researching further, I realised now that most of Richard Long's tends to have the same effect on me.  I don't know - maybe his art forms are so.....visceral?  Who knows. I would like to write about that, someday.

Anyway, back to the banal.  It is just as well that I keep a log and spur myself on, or I would have gone "sod it" and watched the Grand Prix (this time of the year, I am usually having a fab meal with cherished friends, watching the perilous Monaco street race and hoping that Vettel will be t-boned by Maldonaldo.  Instead, I am dragging my ass and listing to Youtube).

Did I tell you that I have cabin fever???   :-/

IN2 took precious little time to do; I am reminded why I am glad that I make the best I can of a draft, then tweak it - rather than look at a half-assed one and freak because I have to restructure the lot.  I am doing IL1 and if I do this by tonight, then it leaves me with the last (worst) two - the aforementioned TH2 and the political one.  THEN it's the reappraisal of the creative/transactional writing portfolios.

I have finished IL1 and proofread TH3.  Just had a look at TH2.  59%.  Eeek.  Ideally, I would like to get it over 65% and let me tell you with the amount I have to decypher and restructure, it is a hard-earnt 6%.
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I have managed to slot the 'Pleasure Principle' in (pun fully intended) and now I am trying to read up some Marxist Theory (OWL Purdue has come into its own - but I am reading Rivkin and Ryan at the moment).  I am a bit worried about the time frame; after this, I have four essays to turn round, one of them being TH2 (Jane Eyre/Feminist Theory), then IN3 which is a sticky one about politics.  Might have to totally rethink that one.  Plus the portfolio work.  Not a lot needed for Transactional Writing, minor tweaks at most.

Creative Writing is going to be tougher as although my pieces are ready, the observation writing is still in its infancy. The days left have sunk into single digits and I am worried that I won't make it. I have a LOT to do.  Anyway, onward with the Marxist Theory reading :-/

I laughingly said I wanted a simplistic version of Marx Theory, which is a bit of a joke really considering the subject.  I have found a version and it is on bloody wiki and I can't use it (academic British references only).  Try to find off shoots and you have to wade through everything.  From what I can tell, it is about analysing the base the superstructure and the power relation. Fascinating, but I have only got nine days, guys.

I have had an incredible stroke of luck, via a bone fide British AS/A2 Sociology page.  I feel truly blessed - hope it reaps the right rewards.  I must admit that this gives me a bit of a headache as I did Sociology at 'O' Level and I remember the divisions of the Proletariat and the Bourgeois etc., but this is at a far higher level than I remember.  I do understand a lot of it, because I have read up on it since, but even so - it is about whether I can do this as part of a Level 4 English essay.

*sigh* my brain hurts :-/

Ok, my aim now is to shave off 193 words without losing something critical from the essay.  Here goes :-)

I've done it !!!! Hurrah !!! No more Huxley for the foreseeable future - yeehaaa!!!
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Note to self ::: re Psychoanalytical - read up about the 'pleasure principal'; re Marxist - try to find a more simplistic definition or structure to work from (I appreciate that the latter might just be impossible).
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Day 3 and it is plain that I don't proofread as well as I should.  I have dropped out of the habit since Access and it is becoming a problem.  I dunno - I think I get blinded by what I have written sometimes, I read it so often that spots and blemishes disappear.  I noticed it today whilst reading To The Shore to a friend.  I should really proofread and also read things out.   Brain just switches off, though.  I need more time though and I think it is this factor that worries me somewhat.

Never mind - I will have to go onward with IL3 Wordsworth and Eliot :-/

IL3 is done.  I have noticed that my essays seem to double up, my stream of consciousness writes like someone else is singing a duet with it.  I am a bit irritated as my printer is starting to run out of ink at a pretty critical time and the hose on my car radiator has sprung a leak again. Grrr - wasn't like I was planning on going anywhere, but even so.  Decided to go back to TH3, because this is the assignment that is niggling me the most at the moment.

OK, I think I have got the idea of 'How to be a Theorist' crash course 101.  I *think* my mistake is that I have been putting the text first and the theory very much as a secondary consideration - when it should be the other way round.  I also have to rethink how the population is perceived by the *insert theory* mind.

My head hurts - this is most definitely something I have to brush up on during the summer holiday.

I think I am near the end of the first half. I have to think of the psychological being of the author and the psychological motives of the reader.  Hmmm. Is this going to be awkward territory for me, I wonder? I have a fascination for dystopian societies and I have to see beyond my own motives.  Control issues? Overt control? Sadist Versus Masochist?  I think I might have best part of another day on this.  Loooong slog ahead.
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I have emailed TH3 to save time - downside is that main lecturer wants to forward it on to the guy who is giving us a talk tomorrow.  Both 1st and 2nd years are in for his visit as he is fresh out of Plymouth Uni with with a newly-minted first.  At this stage, I feel nervous that a new person will be looking through my stuff.  It is different when it is a faceless nobody such as examiners, invigilators etc.  He is also super-brilliant and says it how it is - I am not sure if I want my vulnerable sensibilities crushed right now :-/

Trying to see what I can redraft next - probably will steer away from the Theory assignments for now.  Think I will go back to IL13 and IL1 (Wordsworth/TS Eliot and John Donne respectively) and possibly in that order too.  Think it is too late to shove it into a first (I am bordering the wrong end of the upper second as it is), but this the first year, so let's take the pressure off for now :-)

Not much done, because I had TH3 back via email, complete with marks (no pun intended).  As predicted, most of the Psychoanalytical was spot on, though needed a little direction.  I've got to rethink and tweak Marxist, though I have been reassured that there is a lot of good stuff there.  Sat and sulked mulled a bit. Watched TV and went out for a drive - all the displacement activity you do when a) You are smarting a bit (maybe unfounded, she hasn't give me a mark as yet) b) You have work to do and can't be arsed to do it.  I don't think I can sort this out until I have seen the main lecturer and I get the other guy's point of view back.  It would make better sense to crack on with the Wordsworth/Eliot comparison.

*mumble, grumble, crumble*

Was called away and didn't get back to my desk until an hour ago.  Have lost momentum and was too crabby with myself - so I have spent my time languishing on Youtube and listened to some music really loud, mostly Enigma, which is quite rousing.  That and I hugged my cat, Dill - who always seems to know when I need cheering up :-)
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Now I have finished all rough drafts, I am going back over the marked copies and am editing it to produce the final work.  Right now, I have revisited the Sense of Place essays (of which SP1 was only a tester - hence the posting of To The Shore the other day); basically1984 and A Passage to India (the former was about changing the tiniest of errors; the latter is just a little addition and a certain amount of restructuring).  I think the bulk of it is done, just rehash a bit - I think most of my concentration will be centered towards the |Transaction Writing/Creative Writing and the running commentaries.

I have also managed to write up my observation re my Post Colonial PP back in October and my vocational piece about Mary Bryant and James Boswell. Six essays to go before I tackle my Transactional/Creative Writing portfolio.  Getting this sorted faster than I expected. I think a couple might go over into a first, but will be very happy with some hitting the upper second :-)

I have just taken a look round my office - it is an absolute tip, but I daren't clear it.  In the confusion of it all, I don't want to throw something critical away :-/
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I won't be labouring with this for much longer as it is about stripping off 200 or so words from plan one and rearranging plan two so everything is cohesive...hopefully.

Goddamn it - I STILL have to shave off 72 words.  Its ok to jettison superfluous bits, but there are things that I can't reword.  It would be like cutting off a limb!

WooHoo!!! I have finished TH3!!! Aldous Huxley can kiss my ass!!!
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After a lapse of four days, I have come back to Brave New World.  Alas I am over by 200 words on Psychoanalytical and under by about 100 words on Marxist.  Plenty of academical references on part one - absolutely zero on part two. I also have a feeling I am gonna have to get some more quotes together too.  Think I am getting there, though - will be so pleased when this is out of my hair and I can concentrate on other things, like the rest of my resubs for a start.

I must admit to having a bit of a brain fog, mostly because I am trying to fit one of the academic essays around the last part and it's not fitting.  The end is in sight and I was to get this done tonight...

*mumble, grumble, crumble*

Ok - I am done for now. I have to shave off 278 words from part one and revamp part two.  This will be done tomorrow (I am learning not to burn out again at the first opportunity).

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