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I awoke this morning with a feeling I hadn't experienced for a long time.  I wanted to write - not for academic purposes, but to clear a backlog of ideas.  I had forgotten what it was like to write for the sheer joy of it all.  I cleared over 2,000 woirds today, with minimal changes and continual clear observation.  Probably haven't had that in over 4 years, such has the demands of a degree course.

* theatrical sigh *

Actually, it felt great.  Even though I have finished it for now, I have a feeling it is a work in progress and I will look forrward to reading it again and then making subtle editing/rearranging/rewriting suggestions.  Well, I have to make the most of it as I am back up at Plymouth next week.
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Is Massive Attack member Robert Del Naja the real Banksy?

This news piece has hit Twitter, Facebook et al - as it is originally written by the Daily Mail, I am highly suspicious of it.  Robert Del Naja from 'Massive Attack' has come under closer scruting recently, after years of people attriubting the work to Robin Gunningham.  Rather than Del Naja being the sole renegade master, it suggests that it is a collective working under the banner 'Banksy' and that it is fronted somehow by former grafitti artist Del Naja. Further artistic dealings with the 'Banksy' character (a Banksy-directed film Exit Through The Gift Shop), have lead to linking 'Banksy' artwork with Massive Attack on tour.  Like The Wild Bunch, but with a paint can.

Interesting if it is Del Naja, however, ultimately disappointing, too.  I love the idea of an artist being truly anaonymous, but also love the idea of a bunch of Bristol lads raising two fingers on MANY different levels.  They must be having a right old laugh, especially at the poncy upple middle classes, who buy the right-on political message splashed on canvass, but decry grafitti being on the wall of their modest brick semi.  bet Del Naja is having a grin, too.
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This reminds me of 2003, during a cold and very dark winter.  Riding on a damp bus, clammy windows, shouting kids.  Tuning the world out with a Walkman (remember those?), streaking dirty rain down the window or like silver mercury, bouncing off the sill.  I wrote a lot, I remember. The reworked 'Echo & Narcissus' for one.  Staccato poetry for another. Broke the surface in June of that year, the same time that I acquired my cat Dylan (superkitty extraodinaire - still rocking as a teenage (old) tom).

Think I overplayed the tracks to be honest - hence the gap of thirteen years.  Still, brief revival never hurts.

One Love

Mar. 20th, 2016 02:11 pm
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Mar. 3rd, 2016 09:11 pm
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When I started on this path in 2012, the idea of travelling to Plymouth was too far in the distance to worry about - I worked on the basis of 'just concentrate on getting your Access/FdA English and you will be quids in.'  Cross that path etc.  I am three years down the path and now the reality of it is a little over 8 weeks around the corner and suddenly, I feel overwhelmed by it all - not to mention fed up being chained to a desk for 9 months.  So many things have changed in that time.I have had way too much time off and have become stuck as to what to do for my major dissertation. Not doing Pratchett, not Lewis Carroll (or Lear/C.S. Lewis et al) and I think that you would have to be a heavy-duty fan of either Woolf or Winterson to explore their genre.

I know that I will have to fulfil this, because I will kick myself if i don't do it.  Trouble is, I haven't a lot of headspace at the moment and I am caught between wanting to invest time and wanting to make a bolt for the door.  I have given myself until August 1st to get a major dissertation topic decided. I think it's because I know vaguelly about various classics and genres, but not enough to really get my teeth into doing it - of course that is where research comes in, but I think that you have to love your subject and right now, I can't think of any book/genre that appeals.  Drawn a massive blank.

Both pic and song a representative as to how I feel - brain being fried by overthinking and needing to escape, but I am not sure as to what I am escaping from.
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Jul. 6th, 2015 08:59 am
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Against all possibilities, I have finished the PoMo assignment. Or rather, I am done with it totally.  I will see my lecturer tomorrow and I will submit on Friday regardless of state.  I need to move on - my noodle is totally baked re this and I just want this gone.  Sod the mark, as long as I pass for now.

I need to sleep, per chance to dream (well, not in the same way Hamlet meant, but you get the drift).

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Jun. 2nd, 2015 10:31 am
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