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It is done - all that is left now is to burn the lot to disk and print out a paper copy.  Submission deadline is 3pm tomorrow.  Above is a photo of mine, unashamedly Photoshopped. The Tell Tale Heart is now at rest.

Mer Girl )
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Link to ebook HERE

Essay - Reflect on the finished script in relation to auteur style or how you have added your own.

Gee that's easy ........................................

Well, I am upto 700 words of a maximum word count of 750 - will have to wade through Barthes, find something that sums the experince up, burn the lot to disk then print all of the script/storyboard and reflection.  Submission deadline 3pm Thursaday afternoon.
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I am done with drawing and prit-sticking. I will run them through the scanner tomorrow.  I will have to write a commentry about the lot between now and Thursday morning - 750 words.  What have I learnt through this process?

That I really enjoy script writing and if I have more time, I like illustrating it.  It's been good fun finding inspirational sources and music etc.
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Today's contribution has been a large white eye on an A5 black background and another that is 3/4s filled red card/blood.  Alas, I cannot put anything I have done on LJ or anywhere else, else I will be done for plaigiarising myself (yes you read that right).  I have been thinking about how my characters look - I am no cartoonist and this is in its infancy, but this is kinda what they will look like (subject to change)

LT is the victim, LP is the killer.  It is still looking a bit Ren and Stimpy - someone said that it reminds them of the cartoon Salad Fingers. Well, I am not that freaky and I am meant to be writing a script, not auditioning for Marvel.


I have done quite a few story boards since I last wrote.  Thankfully, my cartooning skills have improved since the scribble above - LP doesn't look like a molten lump and LT has the air of Simon Cadell about him. It appears that my cartooning style is somewhere between a poor man's Tim Burton and Rex the Runt.

I have a friend who looks like the kennel owner of REX.  Will continue tomorrow, but right now my desk is covered in glue and scrap card 'n' paper.
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I put the exceptional rought draft in front of my film lecturer, who had a smile midway (peppered with a bit of black humour - plus, it had become a bit cartoonish - but that is the genre I have chosen; a Tim-Burton-meets-Hanna-Barbera kind of style). This afternoon, I will be using a lot of black card, white paper and red pen to illustrate. I actually feel a bit more relaxed about it - probably because I am enjoying it more when I am using my own imagination.  Being my own auteur, so to speak.  I can't scan the pix until tomorrow, but I can have the prototypes ready for the lecturer to see.

I have included more possible music - this time from Neroche (see/hear above AND below).


From 0:37 onwards will be used as the end piece of music.  Think I am getting closer to the end of my objective.

I am done for now, but am irritated to find that the export file just changes it to notepad style. I have printed it out here from the programme and emailed the note pad version across.  I hope it will convert to the Celtx programme at college :-/

I feel a bit 'stretched' again - will leave the storyboarding for Friday. 
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Still mucking about with script - have converted The Tell Tale Heart, but I am thinking towards how it would look/sound stylistically.  I have noticed that Celtx software has story boards that I could submit actual animation sketches. Plus, I have found some ace royalty-free stuff on YouTube - it appears mostly to be Kevin Mac's work, but even so it is good to have background stuff to help with the imagination.

Page is HERE

Re being under the weather, I am taking on board more fruit and veg.  I had a long chat with a friend of mine, who says I should just listen to my body and rest a while.  Hmm, she has a point but I still have things that I HAVE to do - exhaustion and deadlines don't mix, alas.
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I have written thr script already in Word Document, but I am expected to write it via the Celtx software.  It is actually quite a good programme.

Download can be found HERE - might be of interest to Fee [ profile] j_flattermann or Looloo [ profile] bluegerl - might aid writing


Well, I have copied it all across, but i think that I need clarification on some areas, plus a tweek here and there.
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I haven't got to grip with Celtx software yet, so I am writing it in Windows Document for now.  I feel quite happy about this, but I will need instruction from my film lecturer.  Because of the nature of my script, I would love this eye to be bigger and face on.  I think I am as far as half way through - trying to story board and watch the time being spent (equation = a minute per page; max 10 pages).

Well, I managed to get a rough draft script done, 7 pages long.  I think that is all I need for Thursday - there is no point in changing it as advice is needed before I add it to Celtx.  Plus we will be getting our marks back for the Tim Burton PP (which from what I can tell may be a bit contraversial - not sure what is going on there).  Now I need to focus on the obvious bloopers on the ILS rough draft part one, before talking to Dr Smith on Thursday.
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Those not familiar with Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell Tale Heart can find the story HERE

I was thinking of ways I could build up suspense and I figured that clocks and heart beats seem to be linked here.  So, under the cut, I have one Grandfather clock sound and the sound of a beating heart.  When synchronised, I think that both elements could bring suspense to the story.

Clock and Heart )
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Or does it? i am not exactly sure what I will be converting into script.  There are a combination of things going on.

1) A scene to a song of your choice.

2) A scene from a book.

3) A script of your own work.

4) Any of the above with a chosen auteur.


I have to think of something that would constitute a 10 minute script (roughly a page a minute).  Right now, I am considering The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.  It would fit the ten minute scenario.  Or Tell Tale Heart.

Decisions, decisions.

I am going with Tell Tale Heart - I have found a great animation that will inspire me with my own script.

It's a bit Ren and Stimpy, but it's a quirky angle that I appreciate.  I have been digging through Youtube and found music that may go with my script.

Kevin MacLeod Music Score )

I have edited the words I need to use, tomorrow I am going to story board it and then consider the script directions.
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My presentation and seminar paper was delivered today. I do feel a certain sense of relief, but also I feel a bit down. I suppose I had blocked out a certain amount of things and used Burton as an escape. Now, the full enormity of everything has just hit me.

So, I am going to hit the bar with some of my class mates. Chin, chin...

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Everything has been checked and emailed - just need to find a memory stick for the lot and prepare for tomorrow.  It has taken a bloody long time, but I do have a sense of completion and I feel a certain amount of affection for TB.  Mostly because I have had to face down some personal odds, but there you go.

Tomorrow is the day - bring it on.

(Gif credit - When In Your Twenties
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Well, the PP is finished - I had a LOT to do and hadn't realised it.  I was thinking about the Mise-en-Scene and realised about 3 o'clock this morning that I hadn't done nearly enough.  So many hours and a lot of sweat later, the PP has been finished - will have to practice it a bit tomorrow. I have to cross reference it with my seminar paper now.  Most of that will be done tomorrow, but I am making a start on that today :-)
Sleepy Hollow Fire Pumpkin )

Sleepy Hollow Gifs Credit - The Bearded Professor
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Truthfully, I have gotten a bit fed up with this.  Not Burton himself, per se but most definitely the stop/start and glitches/restart.  Friends have arrived and Hubby is happily yapping to them in the front room.  I want out - the weather is cold but gorgeous and my eyes are crossed, fingers sore from typing.  What on earth am I going to be like when I hit my third year? I have less than 4 months to churn the rest of the stuff out.  Onward with the PP - I have a feeling that I won't go to bed until 90% of this bloody thing has been delivered.

How to kill the love of something stone dead - spend a month on the project and have a series of f*** ups on both the seminar paper AND the PP.  Making progress, but getting cabin fever.

Good news is - I think I am about 80% the way there.  The last 20% will be wrestling with detail and some nips and tucks.  At least I can tell my lecturers that everything will be ready by the due date - will not breathe out til the lot has been done.

I will be working on this when I get home tomorrow.  The plus side is because I am changing the PP, I am also going back over my essay and rewriting it, making a better job of it.
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I had started this PP back on the 9th January, so have had a bit of a head start.  I have managed 19 slides so far, with quotes from my essay and photos attached.  I want this done by Sunday afternoon, lest I go mad.  Saying that, I far prefer Burton than studying Scorsese, Tarantino or Kubrick - even Spielberg would have totally done my head in.  Burton is a fascinating character, I'll give him that :-)

Huge mishap - PP developed hitch so I have to copy everything over piece meal to another PP.  Seriously annoyed as this has taken half of my day up just unravelling the mess.  Plus I have had intermittent internet problems, which really suck. We have friends due over tomorrow, but Hubby and P2 will have to do the entertaining.
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I have to lose 487 words by midnight tonight.  Right now I am not sure how I am going to do this.


Well, I have managed to shorten it and have 158 words to lose.


87 words to cull.


Done it - woohooo.  Onward to the PP!!

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Well, it's been a bloody long haul.  I started this essay on the 7th January (as previously discussed, I DID have extentuating circumstances).  I have written it, but need to cut swathes into it - lots of judicial editing needed (approximatley 500 words need shaving off).  I have focused primarily on Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sleepy Hollow, but have thrown in Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice and both Frankenweenies in for good measure.  After this will be the PP.  I have done at least a third of it and when the essay is in the bag, the PP should be straight forward.
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It is just as well that I am doing Burton, as I would have become even more bored than I am now.  It always happens when I remain too long on a project.  I can't help but feel that the seminar paper lack a LOT of stuff.  I spoke to a former year 2 student, who said she had the same problem with Stanley Kubrick.  I just think that I need more techy terms for film development (that I probably should have researched more on it all - but because of circumstance, I didn't).

2,010 words but a LOT needs rewriting.


I have been at this sporadically all day.  I need to go back to my drawing board. 2,500 words, way over count, haven't dicussed screen angle or shots and feel like this is a bloody huge mess.


At long last, I can see progress.  I restructured the essay on my board, gutted it down on a fresh document and block copied chunks over.  it is looking a hell of a lot better and I think I will expand and pare back where necessary. I can breathe out a bit now - it also means that the PP will look tidier too :-)
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I can't believe I am still doing this 2 weeks down the line.  This hospital business takes you way off track - right now Hubby is back inside hospital and having various parts of him reassessed.  Right now, I will have to get back to the grindstone as I have spent too much time away.  I want to also concentrate on the shock value that Burton uses - like the Maitland's trying to scare the Deetz family in Beetlejuice and Beetlejuice's own scare tactics.  Also, the witch in the cave of Sleepy Hollow.

I do feel like I am getting somewhere. 1,883 words - 307 spare and I think I am over 2/3rds the way there.  Something that does help me concentrate is having the headphones on listening to BROWN NOISE

I find that a combination of that and listening to Classic FM online just makes me channel myself away from distraction and helps me focus.  It does rather sound like I am taking a blow torch to the London Philharmonic Orchestra, but hey - whatever works :-)

2,005 words - I may have to watch Sweeney Todd, Batman maybe Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (though I am not keen on the former or the latter).  Meanwhile - I think I am done for the night :-)

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