Jun. 17th, 2015 12:01 am
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* takes a bow *
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The mini diss is now officially finished and stands at 5,486. This alongside the abstract, PP/brief, lecturer's  brief, mini dissertation and references are all ready to rock for Wednesday morning.  So pleased about the way it has gone - feel tons better :-)

Onward now towards the final day and my AIS portfolio completion.
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It is not until I read part of the mini diss to an 'informed friend' that I realise just how much more work/clarification is needed.  I know if I can make this argument work, then I will be very proud of my achievements.  Things hang in the balance - like not a lot of time to pull this off.

Lillies are relevent - thematic in Carter's book.

If I am successful in what I am undertaking, this could be my best piece of work yet. Or, it could be 'just ok' and I suffer what i term to be the 'Wuthering Heights Effect' circa January 2013.

I am feeling the strain a bit.  I have worked very hard today and I am actually feeling a little sick. I will plough on for now, but might just call it a day if I don't feel I am getting anywhere.  I DO feel that I have constructed the argument well enough, of which this the whole premiss of this assignment hangs on.

I am absolutely doubled up, but I have finished the first full draft of the mini diss - all 5,333 words of it.  Am leaving it for a day before I cut swathes into and/or add academic 'sprinkles' but for now, I am done with it.

Onward tomorrow with redrafting the AIS portfolio :-)
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Right now, I am looking into the symbolism behind wine re 'Bluebeard.'  This is a theory lesson, not a practical one alas.  I have come away from classical music and am listening to Neroche's The Crooked Mile for sideways inspiration.

FINALLY, I have breached the 5,000 mark and have Carter's anaolgy to appraise.  Go me.

Well I pottered for a while and made slight adjustments.  I have stopped because I have typed so much, I have RSI of both hands.  Last two fingers of both hands and the tendons are inflamed. Feels like I have sandpapered nerves.  Swollen a bit, too - I am going to end up with paws rather than hands.
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Trying to sort out a reliable source of info via moodle, or indeed Google Scholar has been a nightmare.  Thankfully, I have been able to access the Plymouth University website at long last (many tech problems here).  Picture is relevent - Freud-specific.

I am in the middle of a rewrite - at the moment, it is the observations of the Grimm Bros.  Somehow, I wish I had chosen this for the maxi diss as I have had to pare back a LOT of relevent information.  Now I find I cannot touch the fairytale genre unless it is through Winterson (or others).

Think I am over a third of the way through the first edit. I have made notes on the death of the maiden and all of the symbology, but now it is time to hit the hay.  I really wish that I had gotten into the groove earlier, but at least it is going my way.
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Trying to fall back in love with this subject.  I have some good ideas, but precious little time to implicate them. I have less than nine days left and really didn't want to rush the mini diss.

I have pottered and had some imput, but don't feel particularly driven. A bit of a worry.

OK - panic over. Most of the quotes have been written into loosely connected sentences, with citations. However, it is in about 4 different sections and also needs academic sprinkles, other refs to similar books Shalken etc., plus bits from Propp, Lacan and Foucalt.  It also has to be written properly.

Bit of a climb ahead of me, but for now, I am done.
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Yesterday, I was on a bit of a roll.  Finally, I am starting to feel that I am leaving the PoMo problem behind me, as I work on something that gives me delight.  I felt rather like I had failed totally, as I handed the PoMo in on the official hand-in day.  I hate being behind, it IS just as well I have the extra 12 days re extenuating circumstances, but even so.

I have downloaded a book to Kindle re Bluebeard and I think I will find it very useful.  Meanwhile - back to the grindstone. Or at least try.  The sun is out and I want out!!!

And here I am after briefly flipping through 'Eros e Thanatos'


# 'Hello Darkness, My Old Freud' #
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I haven't touched this essay for months, quite simply because of the pressure we were under re J's illness and operations.  I have 11 days and two projects to finish.  I made a start on Perrault/Grimm/Dickens.  Trying to find some clarity here.

I maybe gone for some time...

I have summed up The Robber Bridegroom in 232 words.  Well, that's a good start.....possibly need to pad this out by another 1,000 at least.

I have written 1,068 words, albeit a lot of quotes and observation points.  I think I will rely heavily on Dickens and Grimm as they are far more salacious, plus it leads me nicely to carter later on.

Time to stop - theoretically I have only 1,500 to write and I will do that easily with the stuff I have to write.  This is not a 'cinch' BUT I find this far, far easier than Postmodernism (yeah, I am still stung about that - it will pass).
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I haven't touched this subject for at least two months as other modules were pending.  I now find myself having to recap what I did and even though I have 2,982 words (with some of it missing - which worries me a bit). I am focusing on The Robber Bridegroom and The Bloody Chamber, but will throw in a bit of Dickens' Captain Murderer (his was really good!) and maybe some others enroute.  Tomorrow will be about making notes on the stories chosen.

As of tomorrow, I will have 11 days left.  Somehow, I will have to fold some of my IAS around that time, possibly when I get bored of Bluebeard and need to plod on with something else.  Re the IAS portfolio, the stories have been written, but need adjusting, before they are dispatched with and a 2,000 word reflective commentry written.  Right now, I have to make the mini dissertation my focal point.
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Well, tomorrow will be the official hand-in for my PoMo assignment. As I have already said, it will be a low mark, but likely to pass. After I do so, I will then concentrate.on the IAS portfolio and reflection. Basically rewriting my stories and aiming them at competitions.
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Against all possibilities, I have finished the PoMo assignment. Or rather, I am done with it totally.  I will see my lecturer tomorrow and I will submit on Friday regardless of state.  I need to move on - my noodle is totally baked re this and I just want this gone.  Sod the mark, as long as I pass for now.

I need to sleep, per chance to dream (well, not in the same way Hamlet meant, but you get the drift).

Warp )
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"I think you are an intelligent woman.  I just think that you have got a bad case of 'Emporer's New Clothes.' You are afraid of it, so you think you cannot do it. You think tht it is bigger than what it is, but it is the same as the other theories.  You will pass with what you have got, Rosie, but it won't be up to your usual standard."

Hence the last bid attempt via slash and burn editing, resignposting etc. The Emperor's New PoMo....

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I know I have spent an inordinately LONG time on PoMo, but it appears that I need to spend yet more time on it. The plus side is that I was indeed in the right ballpark when my assignment was starting to sound like a Marxist rant about who directly controls information. Turns out this is EXACTLY the stance I should be taking. At its present state,I will pass this module, but not to my usual standard. I really don't want to take too much of a nosedive on marks. Right now, most of my marks hover around an upper second, the occasional one has hit a cherished first.

Not exactly back to the drawing board, but I will have to substantially rewrite this, starting tomorrow.

It appears that the main lecturer liked both my assignment on Tim Burton and REALLY liked my script of 'The Tell Tale Heart.' That assignment feels like years ago, but I am glad to get the heads up on that.

Right now, I am shattered. Slept three hours this afternoon and have been back to bed for over an hour. Early night.
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Regardless of the state it is in, I will be having advice from my main lecturer tomorrow. It's mostly done, but really I will have to proofread and restructure it, so I won't spend my time with her cringing over my meagre efforts.  It has gone from PoMo to Marxist via Post Colonial theory, so it has gone on a bit of a 'Lit Crit' walkabout.  The thing is, how can I write about literature and communication without ranting about who controls information and their dumbing down of the human race en route to the bank.

On the plus side, P2 is enjoying himself on Scilly and has ordered me a pair of Converses in navy blue, to spur me to lose weight. I guess I will be back on a diet pretty shortly


Word count: 2,233. I have done as much as I can before taking advice. Right now, I am REALLY done with Postmodernism.  I am hoping that I don't have to totally go back to the drawing board, but at least the structure is there (how very Un-PoMo is that?).
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If I am not done by Sunday evening, or quit moaning by Monday morning - then I will be done with PM.  My only comfort is that my fellow classmates are in the same boat and are cursing about the exact same stuff that I am whinging about.  Hubby is out with a mate down from London and I am not taking any calls.  Right now, it is just me and Classic FM (currently playing)

Let's get back to business.

So bored.  Have weeded the patio, text some friends etc - but what I should ve doing is editing this damn text. C'mon - get to it!!!!!

I stopped work nearly 2 hours ago. I think that I am about 80% done. Tomorrow, I will print off the finished piece and extensively proofread. I aware that I will still have to signpost it better and keep the PoMo question in the forefront.
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An Oak Tree - Allegedly )

A Postmodern idea.....

Perhaps I will hand in a bottle of mineral water, a sandwich and a piece of cake and claim it to be my Postmodern assignment, my mini diss and my creative writing portfolio.

Just a thought.....
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Because of my husband's ongoing treatment, I have been granted 14 extra days for extenuating circumstances and will be able to get the whole of my coursework out.  THAT will take the strain off a bit - thank you college and staff. 2,482 words done.  Now I have a lot of hacking and rewriting to do, on what will be my 4th draft.  Get the whole of this done by the weekend and I will be one happy bunny.

Back to study :-)

OK - have got hold of more useful quotes, mostly from Lyotard and some from Baudrillard - even good old Nietzche and McLuhan get a look-in.  However, Derrida does my head in - there is no academic way of saying that. When you start to see the words 'centre', 'structure', 'destructure' repeated again and again - in fact multiple times within a paragraph, you are in danger of losing yourself down the rabbit hole that is Postmodernism.  Pass me the sick bag, Alice (with apologies to Sir John Junor).
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You've Heard It All Before )
I am in the 2,100 region, but I have a LOT of sorting to do.  Tomorrow, I will be totally on my own.  Hubby is having a few hours work at establishments with comfy seating - all are mindful of his recent op, therefore he will be spoiled. I need to get my act together and sort something out.  Then I am back to Bluebeard for the very last time.

Such a long, long road. Such a lonely one, too.
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.............................................................................said nobody - EVAH!!!

(with thanks to [ profile] spikesgirl58)

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