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Jul. 1st, 2016 01:40 pm
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Thanks to Fee [ profile] j_flattermann and Looloo [ profile] bluegerl for their lovely virtual gifs.  Am having a relaxing day - next year is a big one, so I think that one will be a bit more manic :-)


Nov. 23rd, 2015 10:45 pm
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I have had this on my mind all day
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So needy of comfort
But too raw to be embraced
Undo this privacy
And put me in my place
A Generous Palmstroke
The hugest of hugs

Undo this privacy
Embrace me
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I bought this CD back in 2001 and at that time, I probably my most productive creative writing-wise.  I wrote reams and most of it from the heart.  Alas, I shredded and deleted the lot shortly before I went into hospital.  I am most pleased that I kept my paintings (bigger version of my doodles) from that time. I wrote Enameline whilst relistening to the album back in 2012.  There is just something so special about this album.
Bonus Tracks Under Cut )
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Happy Birthday, Bjork - 50 today!!
I first heard of Bjork back in 1992 when she was with The Sugarcubes, specifically Birthday, Hit and Cold Sweat. I revisited her stuff in 1995 and her music spoke to me, somehow.  Specifically in 1997 when Homogenic came out, I produced a lot of art work and made a lot of things whilst P2 was in nursery.  In 2003, I saw her at the Hammersmith Apollo and as tiny as she was, she was incredible, live.

I haven't kept up with a lot of her stuff, but I do listen to some of her newer music now, finding fresh joy in what I hear.  This documentry from 1997 especially inspired me.

Happy Birthday, Bjork - and many more of 'em xxx
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Bjork has just released a new album, Vulnicura - the first since ending her relationship with Matthew Barney. It has been called the 'Suckerpunch' of a breakup album.  I have downloaded it as the snippets I have heard seem interesting enough, especially Stonemilker.  Alas, it is not ready for YouTube as yet, so I have listened to Medulla for a while and found this earworm stuck in my head. Where is the Line With You? - indeed.


Dec. 30th, 2014 08:01 am
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For [ profile] davesmusictank - thought you might like this.  It was made for Bjork's Biophilia tour :-)
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I think was recorded in 1995, just after her Debut album and and just before her Post album. Apologies for the low quality, but still love this footage - Happy Birthday, Bjork.
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All Is Full Of Love )

Alarm Call

Nov. 6th, 2014 09:00 am
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Nov. 4th, 2014 07:44 am
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One of the most epic songs of 1997.  I have so many mixed feelings when I listen to Homogenic.  I did a lot of art work at that time and had to cut myself from the outside world for a time.  A time of endings and beginnings, but a lot of creative stuff going on too.  Still a beautiful song :-)
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*Don't get angry with yourself * I'll heal you * With a razorblade *

This time last year, I was side tracked by Goldfrapp's first album (circa 2000, but I first heard it in 2004).  This year it is the Homogenic release from 1997.  So strange to hear it - still like it, but I am not that person anymore.
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