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When I did my Victorian modules last year, I really wanted to tackle Dracula and compare it with the earlier Frankenstein and use other comparatives. I was persuaded to study either/or A Dolls House/The Yellow Wallpaper and compare it with The Bell Jar.  Basically, because of prolonged absences re Hubby's illness, it was better to tackle something I had read and use the feminist theory module to work on.  I did it pretty well, but felt sad that I couldn't put my reading of Dracula to good use.

Books for Monsters/Madness major dissertation )

I can see another psychoanalytical/feminist theory stance here, possibly even post colonial - there is also something called 'Queer Theory' too - though I haven't really got any knowledge of it.

Onward to tomorrow - am not going to uni as I have been a bit poorly over the weekend and need to catch up :-/
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I will get advice tomorrow, adjust as necessary and hand in - that leaves 'Postmodernism', Bluebeard and the IAS portfolio. Yay!!
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I am done with The Yellow Wallpaper for now - I just want to get advice and shelve it until I have started the next subject.  I am college tomorrow and need to chat to principle lecturer and the other lecturer and gen up on Post Modernism sooner rather than later.

I need a break - less than six weeks left now to complete it all.

00:07 (Monday Morning)
I had a sudden flush of inspiration and really manage to pull most of it together.  Feeling TONS better, because it is more like the essay that I know I am capable of.

Now it's time for bed, said Zebedee

* ba-doiiing! *
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Eight days, I ask you! Gone are the days when I knocked 'em out in five.This piece has been subjected to a number of rewrites - not JUST editing, but actually whole chunks being retyped.  If the wallpaper is as hideous as the one above, then I can understand her gradual trip to Loony Central. I have been on this since about 10 this morning - my reasoning is that if I start too early, I burn out too quickly.

*plod plod plod *

Note to Self ::: for god sake figure out touch typing, lest you drive yourself mad in the third year.

I think I have dones really well today, probably 4/5ths done before I add essay observation, plus a line from Ibsen will be a good idea.  However, I ache from being lashed to this bloody desk all day (9 hours all told). I will treat myself to tonights Inspector Montalbano

Salvo - o impegnarsi a Livia, o smettere di fare l'amore con cattive ma belle ragazze italiane (even if I find her irritating).
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I did a day 6 yesterday, but it didn't go so well, plus and was too busy pulling my hair out to type anything else other than grrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!  Again, I am plodding on - but have turned off FB, listening to white noise and Classic FM through headphones.   Once again, it sounds like I am taking a blow torch to the London Philharmonic Orchestra - but it is the only way I can drown things out and get on with my work.

Classical Music & White Noise pays off - the essay currently stands at 3,649 words, which I have to blend and pare back, plus add the academic sprinkle (of which there are many).  I was really hoping to get this all done by tomorrow night, however it is far more likely that I will have it sorted by late Sunday.  Then I have to consider the New Tech essay (or at least read up on it, scare myself half to death, then do the Anna Barbauld essay instead).
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Here I am, back at the desk.  I have listened to The Yellow Wallpaper on loop on my dictaphone, because it is useful to hear it without an inner dialogue of my own.  As I mentioned to one of my LJ chums, I think it would be great as a spoof - especially if you bring it into modern day.  Alas, I cannot do this as I have academic work to do - I have decided that story/scriptwriting would definitely be my 'thing.'

The m-essay is tangled but I am on my way.  I have a lot of blending/meshing to do before I add stuff to the second part.  I want this wrapped up before the weekend (maybe a tall order, but that's my aim). Right now, I am retiring for the night.

Nighty nighty :-)
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Well, I needed something to have a topical laugh at - The Yellow Wallpaper is a bit thin re gags. More to do, alas.  Make that a bucket more to do.

It has come to my attention just how this story runs in cycles.  Trying to rationalise it myself - bit of a danger there.  If I start waffling on about being stuck behind wallpaper, slap me.
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After doing quite a bit yesterday, I compiled more of the running interpretation today - I think I have got about half way through it.  Really though, I should concentrate on the academic side to this.  I have a feeling that I might do someting with the noted form, like at a later date spoof it up a bit as I have done with other hallowed works - such as "Dr Foster went to Gloucester" as told by the X-Files

Time for work - see if I can nail this sucker.

It appears that I am following my usual trail of resentment, because there is fantastic sunshine out there and I am shut in on my own. I have started to wander when bored.  You can tell just how bored I have been - the aga lids are clean, the plants are fully watered and i have just pulled up a lot of weeds by the tower. My inner brat keeps whining that " But I did so much yesterday!!!" My outer self is practically nailing me to the chair, lest I procrastinate more and wander weed-wards towards the garden.

* sound of whip crack* - back to the chair!!!

I haven't been near the desk in hours. There is 1,848 words on the word count, plus I did 2,000 on the interpretation essay, which I have running alongside of it. I have recorded the YouTube version onto my dictaphone, so I can listen to it as a story in my spare time.

I will have to research the Edgar Allan Poe link at some point.
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After reading, note-taking and some academic essay-studying, I am about to start this assignment.  Interesting that CPG had an interest in Edgar Allan Poe - I will have to read his story The Black Cat, of which has a similar mad person narrating (but so did The Tell Tale Heart, as I recall - someone intellectually trying to justify their insanity).

Managed to do a staggering 1,049 words and a further 2,000 plus of my running commentary of understanding. I am hoping to mesh some of it into the essay. We then went out for an Italian (rather than staying in and watching one - I taped Inspector Montalbano instead. Wonder if I would ever get into Scandi Noir in the same capacity?).
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As I mentioned a few weeks back - I kicked The Doll's House to the kerb as I found Nora's character irritating, therefore I couldn't empathise with her. So, I have collected some essays and various notes on Charlotte Perkins Gilman's story The Yellow Wallpaper. I have made a sticky of the audiobook entry here on LJ, so I can access it easily (believe me, my bookmarking bar is crammed).  I first read it whilst on the Access course, prior to the degree course and I found it a little hard going.  On second reading, I was hooked.  The task now is to tear it apart, look once again from a Lit Crit point of view and get writing.

Tomorrow is another day :-)
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After watching A Doll's House, I decided that I couldn't write an assignment on it.  Possibly because I was drawing too many uncomfortable parallels. I may compare A Doll's House as a secondary reading; it just made me unexpectedly unhappy very deep down. So Instead, I am doing the Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper. I find the narrative voice less irritating, even though the script is more harrowing in places.  For those not familiar with this story, it is about a woman mental decline from post natal depression, made ten times worse by her husband and supporting family.  In short she is imprisoned in a bedroom allegedly for her own good.

Story is HERE

I have also changed my Romantics choice - I did Blake over two years ago and I think I will just regurgitate the stuff I did from Access and I don't really want to do this.  So, I have gone for Anna Barbauld and her poems on autumn and spring. Still working on film script and I have to prepare my ILS rough draft for the lecturer, who is coming down from Plymouth (she will be assessing and recommending what I do for the major dissertation for the third).
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I am doing Ibsen's A Doll's House for my final assignment inthe Victorian module.  I meant to be reading this with a Feminist critical eye, but I have wondered whether I should be doing more a New Historicist angle.  They are a product of their time and Ibsen was exemplifying how the order was and how it should change.  Plus Torvald might have been an overbearing Svengali figure, but I got the impression that he loved her (though the Fem Crits would argue that he was just as happy to sell her down the river to save his face).  It is also not helping that I am finding Nora just a tinsy wincy bit irritating, so championing her corner might be a bit difficult for me (this is not a criticism of Juliet Stevenson - she plays an excellent Nora).

Still, I don't have to address this for a while.  Just thought I would watch it, whilst my headful of henna was photo-developing - problem is, I haven't dyed my hair since September and a LOT of grey has now poked through. The net result is that I have gone from starting to resemble my mother, to looking like Sideshow Bob.  I am hoping the carrot coppery tones will stop shouting and will calm down after a couple of days, or I'm still gonna look like a carrot in serious trouble.
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Or does it? i am not exactly sure what I will be converting into script.  There are a combination of things going on.

1) A scene to a song of your choice.

2) A scene from a book.

3) A script of your own work.

4) Any of the above with a chosen auteur.


I have to think of something that would constitute a 10 minute script (roughly a page a minute).  Right now, I am considering The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.  It would fit the ten minute scenario.  Or Tell Tale Heart.

Decisions, decisions.

I am going with Tell Tale Heart - I have found a great animation that will inspire me with my own script.

It's a bit Ren and Stimpy, but it's a quirky angle that I appreciate.  I have been digging through Youtube and found music that may go with my script.

Kevin MacLeod Music Score )

I have edited the words I need to use, tomorrow I am going to story board it and then consider the script directions.
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The Moon says My names is Moon; I shine to give you light when the sun is set.

I am very beautiful and white like silver.

You may look at me always, for I am not so bright as to dazzle your eyes,

and I never scorch you.  I am mild and gentle.

I let even the little glow-worms shine, which are quite dark by day.

The stars shine all round me, but I am larger and brighter than the stars,

and I look like a large pearl amongst a great many small sparkling diamonds.

When you are asleep I shine through your curtains with your gentle beams,

and I say Sleep on, poor little tired boy, I will not disturb you.

Anna Barbauld

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Watched this as part of our Victorians lecture - the very brilliant Mark Steel Lectures.  We are studying the agitators of the day, this time Thomas Paine.  I have heard some of the other Mark Steel Lectures on Radio 4Xtra.  Very entertaining.
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This meant to be at the planning stage, so it is indeed still messy. However, I am finding that I want to fill the gaps, whereas I need to find pithy quotes and build arguments out of that.  Every quote needs to mean something more profound and as a general rule, your response is meant to be far in excess of the original quote. I am also consciously aware that I have to not just write in the third person, guessing what the author wanted.  Keep to genre/character etc.

This is going to be a long weekend, but I need to get at least 2/3rds of it done, with a planner evidently in place.  We are not meant to submit traditional rough drafts anymore - the Mothership wants the lecturers to have the synopsis only, not a well-as-can-be-expected finished product.

I have nearly done a third of the essay, but I have been stuck rearranging the same 400 words - how can that be? Sometimes it is about compounding and meshing sentences, as I have been guilty of repeating myself. It is almost like my observations are singing together, except they are not harmonising; they are in tune but not in time with each other.  Deeply frustrating.  I want to get this emailed to HP on Monday morning, so she can see which track I am heading down.

My entire essay is only just over 900 words, which means I have only written 300 since yesterday - what is WRONG with me??? I really can't concentrate at the moment.  Other than LJ, I have largely stayed off of social media.  I haven't even broken the 1,000 word/33.3 percent barrier. Arrrggggghhhhh!  Back to work!!!!

Well, I got as far as 1,021 which is marginally better than a couple of hours back. I am not sure quite where I am going with this. Turned Classic FM back on, because I became too distractable and started to play games on my phone instead.
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Discuss the treatment of social issues and ideas of the time in Dickens' novel Hard Times

I have been advised to look at John Mill, who apparently did fairly short work on Utilitarianism - well, you could have surprised me, the damn thing on Gutenburg has five chapters and runs into reems.

Link here - but do not operate machinery while reading this text.

The Victorian Web will be useful, especially when it comes to the social issues of the day. Just trying to find an introduction.  :-/

Hmm - a very disturbed day.  It doesn't help that my office is nought but a thoroughfare between the front door and the rest of the house.  Managed just over 700 words (planning stage only), but not sure where to go with it.  Right now, I am concentrating on the Industrial Revolution, the Poor and Education of the day.
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We are covering the subject of folklore and the Victorian interest in fairies.  There is a positive correlation between periods of an unsettling amount of change (war/economic and social change) and the reprised interest of fairies and folklore. Not only did we have this in the Victorian era, via the upheaval of the Industrial Revolution, we can see this in later in the late nineteen thirties with Tolkien’s Lord of the Ringstrilogy (much of which was written during World War II).  Maybe there is a link between people feeling that they are ‘diminished’ in some way, considering themselves as ‘downsized people’ – a response to threatening forces beyond their control.

Above is a painting by Richard Dadd, who went mad and murdered his own dad. Inspired by Oberon and Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the figures in the painting are fairy folk, miniaturised versions of the fortune tellers cant of ‘Tinker, Tailor Soldier, Sailor,’ plus a mini Pope (who Dadd had seen in Rome and had found himself overcome with an urge to attack him).  The pope in the picture is Dadd’s father, Robert whom he had killed with a knife. There is an interesting link to this painting at The Tate website:

“This work, although unfinished, is generally considered to be Dadd’s masterpiece. It was painted for H.G. Haydon, an official at Bethlem Hospital, where Dadd was sent after he became insane and murdered his father in 1843. He was transferred to Broadmoor in July 1864, before being able to complete the
painting, but he later wrote a long and rambling poem entitled ‘Elimination of a Picture & its subject – called The Feller’s Master Stroke’, which attempts to explain some of the imagery.”

Full Story Here
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Glory be - I have been emailed by my other lecturer, who has said I can leave out North and South and really go to town on Hard Times.  Woohoo, no more laborious annotating and silently screaming into a pillow. I have suddenly found my will to live and will invest in ploughing through Dickens and nitpicking it to my heart's content.

*happy dance*

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