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Dreams are funny things, aren't they? I dreamt that Dexter Fishbourne's teacher was giving me grief, accompanied by the monkeys who were running around in 'Frontier Psychiatry' - except one of them looked like the angry monkeys from the Basement Jaxx video.
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Moby's reflections on his mom (I believe) had been the reason Play had been created.  Cut up about her death, he eventually caves whilst working on the music and it seems to have been cathartic for him. He is aware that he is not grieving as he should, because of his conflicted feelings about her and how he grew up; 'I wasn't grieving my loss'(p.391).  Eventually, he does grieve for her - not himself and changes from bratty techno up-his-own-ass wondernerd to human being in one fail swoop.
Last of Moby )
The autobiography ends with the launching of his mega album to date, namely Play.  I don't think he should have ended the biography there - he should have expanded the reasoning behind Play, the idea of licencing and marketing those tracks, which, in turn became a critical success.  I specifically remember The Sky Is Broken on my favourite X-File episode ever - "all things" written and directed by Gillian Anderson herself.

Score - a cagey 4 out of 5 stars.  If Moby had edited some of the small incidental yakkety yak,using a certain amount of reflection instead and ended the bio by riding the crest of the Play wave,  then I would have definitely awarded it the full five stars.

I do think it is worth reading and I think it will remain on my bookshelf a fair while.
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'I loved my Mom.  She was the smartest and funniest and most interesting people I'd ever known.  But growing up with her had never been normal.  My first memory in life was flying with her to San Francisco in 1968.  My father was dead, I was almost three years old and my mom had just become a hippie [...] I discovered that I had another mom: absent mom, a twenty-four-year-old aspiring hippie.  It was the Summer of Love and she had let her blonde, preppy shoulder-length hair grow long and wild' (p.367).

'Growing up I never knew what I would get, my smart-and-funny-mom or my sullen-and-vitriolic mom' (p.369).

Moby: Porcelain
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Right now, I am settling down for a comfy read. This will possibly be my last random book, cutting it short as I really do have to get back to study.  I will be reading extensively on Jung/Freud this summer and if I really want to crack my major dissertation, I need to know the theories inside out BEFORE I figure out the angle/books of the diss.

As I have already said, I quite like Moby.  His music first came to my attention in 1999 when his album Play flooded the market.  When his autobiography Porcelain came out last month, I thought I would give it a whirl. I have also watched some of a documentry that spans his early career, specifically his life in the abandoned factory in Connecticut. The soundtrack to his life there is interesting enough: gunshots, amplified gospel and loud car music 'Public Enemy.  Or EPMD. Or Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.  Every fifteen minutes, a car would drive by playing 'Fight the Power' or 'It Takes Two' at toaster-oven-rattling levels' (p.9).
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This reminds me of 2003, during a cold and very dark winter.  Riding on a damp bus, clammy windows, shouting kids.  Tuning the world out with a Walkman (remember those?), streaking dirty rain down the window or like silver mercury, bouncing off the sill.  I wrote a lot, I remember. The reworked 'Echo & Narcissus' for one.  Staccato poetry for another. Broke the surface in June of that year, the same time that I acquired my cat Dylan (superkitty extraodinaire - still rocking as a teenage (old) tom).

Think I overplayed the tracks to be honest - hence the gap of thirteen years.  Still, brief revival never hurts.


Jun. 10th, 2016 05:34 pm
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I have recently purchased the newly-released Moby memoir Porcelain.  Will comment on it when I have read it.
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I have attempted (and failed) to have a summer reading list most years, so I am going to attempt to read some books that I have promised myself this year, without a list to nag me. Plus, I will be reading a LOT of Angela Carter re the major dissertation, so I think I want a bit of a break with something entirely different.

This time last year, I picked up Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves and became beguiled enough to let it interfere with my interpretation of The Bloody Chamber.  However, I lost interest, then mislaid the copy up until now.  I have been curious about the book, as I really liked Poe's song Hey Pretty, which reminded me of a hot summer several years ago.  Poe - aka Annie Decatur Danielewski (MZD's sister) included her brother's narration on House of Leaves for the remix of Hey Pretty.
Hey Pretty Video Under Cut NSFW )

I will make a valiant effort to get through it, even if I don't totally understand it.  Wish me luck - I'm going in.

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