Mar. 31st, 2017


Mar. 31st, 2017 05:20 pm
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I am most miffed that the HBO True Blood version has been banned on copyright infringement here in the UK, yet I can still view it on Vimeo.  Just as DM's 'To Have and to Hold' was important for the mini diss, the True Blood video is something I want in my vision for the major diss.  Both have similar qualities - about abuse of power and/or who has ultimate power in destructive relationships. I have downloaded the original onto iTunes, but I wanted visual representation of the HBO characters attached to LJ via YouTube.  What is it about vampiric law?  Is it about being drunk on the idea of power or being drunk on resisting that power?  What is more seductive - a willing participant/victim, or that who resists with the option to succumb/not succumb.  Human nature, an interesting subject sometimes.

Day has been disrupted somewhat, weather cold and rain-lashed.  I will have to make some kind of start to rebuild the Intro, then see the angles I will have to argue.  Oh, and research.  A lot.  Interesting to see what this will look like at the end of days (somewhere around May 3rd).

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